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Ashley was op 14 juli te gast bij The Today Show in NYC, ter promotie van ‘Wish I Was Here’!

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Ashley was op zaterdag 12 juli samen met haar broer Joe aanwezig op de 2014 Just Jared Summer Fiesta in L.A.

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http//: 12 Juli: 2014 Just Jared Summer Fiesta

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Er zijn opnieuw nieuwe stills verschenen van Ashley’s film ‘Kristy’.

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http//: Film Stills

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Er is een poster verschenen van van Ashley’s film ‘Burying the Ex’. Het zou niet de officiëlle poster voor de film zijn maar wel door iemand gemaakt die betrokken is bij de film. Daarnaast is een foto’s verschenen van de de Post-Production van de film

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http//: Posters
http//: Achter de Schermen

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Er is een nieuwe outtakes verschenen van Ashley promotieshoot voor de Oakley Women ‘Made for More’ Spring 2014 Campaign/

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http//: Oakley Women ‘Made for More’ Spring 2014 Campaign

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Ik heb vanavond alle appereances van 2012 en 2013 in de galerij toegevoegd, hierbij staan nu alle appereances die Ashley de afgelopen jaren bezocht weer allemaal in de galerij :)

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Zach Braff heeft in zijn blog laten weten dat ‘Le role de ma vie’ de Franstalige titel voor zijn film ‘Wish I Was Here’ zal worden.

Hi Backers and friends,

Quick announcement.

Sometimes, a title in the US doesn’t translate as well in other countries around the world. So, you may see different names for the same film in different countries.

For those of you in France, our film will now be known by a new name there: LE ROLE DE MA VIE.

All of our communications here will still refer to the film as WISH I WAS HERE, but if you are telling your friends about it, be sure to let them know about our new title LE ROLE DE MA VIE.



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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Marie Claire over Oakley, het sportmerk waar zij momenteel het gezicht van is.

Kudos to Oakley for calling out all those women who buy the newest and trendiest sportswear to hmm, let’s see: shop, lounge around, and maybe hit a Starbucks, but don’t actually workout. You know who you are. In their latest female-driven campaign “Made for More,” Oakley has tapped one of Hollywood’s fittest actresses, Ashley Greene, to spearhead the initiative. Why? Because she is the Oakley girl—cool, smart, competitive, and gets her ass to the gym. Recently in town to run the women-only Oakley New York Mini 10K, Ashley took a breather and chatted with Marie Claire about her lifestyle, go-to playlist, and how she got that body because, well, damn.

So how’d you hook up with Oakley, of all sports brands?
It was something we kind of stumbled upon because I initially went to Bali with them to go on a surf trip that I luckily got invited to, and I just had such a blast and really got on with everyone from Oakley and all the athletes. They were like, “You know, you really fit in with what Oakley is about—you should maybe represent us….”

That’s so cool! So you were like, “Hell ya?”
Of course, I was super excited about it! For me, if I’m going to put my name behind something and be a representative, I want it to be organic and I want it to kind of match my lifestyle. I think that my beliefs and Oakley’s are very similar. They completely support women empowerment and always challenging yourself, going to that next level. They have an extremely positive message about having an active, healthy lifestyle. So for me it was kind of a perfect match.

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Met de naderende release van Ashley’s film ‘Kristy’ heeft Amazon Duitsland enkele nieuwe stills vrijgegeven.

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http//: Film Stills

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Ashley was afgelopen maandag aanwezig bij de ‘Wish I Was Here’ premiere die gehouden werd bij het DGA Theater in L.A. Foto’s van Ashley op de premiere zelf en after party staan allemaal in de galerij!

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http//: 23 Juni: ‘Wish I Was Here’ L.A. premiere
http//: 23 Juni: ‘Wish I Was Here’ L.A. premiere – After Party
http//: ‘Wish I Was Here’ Photobooth