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Ashley’s recente instagramfoto’s staan in de galerij!

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Ashley GreeneSocial Media

Ashley is gecast in de nieuwe Hallmark kerstfilm “A Little Christmas Charm”. De naam staat genoteerd als een werktitel dus mogelijk veranderd deze nog voor de release op 21 november. Lees hieronder wat informatie over de film die voor nu is verschenen.

On Saturday, November 21 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Ashley Greene teams up with Chesapeake Shores’ Brendan Penny for A Little Christmas Charm (working title). “Holly (Greene), a jewelry designer finds a lost charm bracelet and teams up with investigative reporter Greg (Penny) in hopes of finding the owner and returning it by Christmas Eve.”

Momenteel is Ashley in Canada in quarantaine om een nog niet genoemde film op te nemen, mogelijk is dat dus voor deze kerstfilm! Vorig was Ashley ook al te zien in een Hallmark film genaamd ‘ Christmas On My Mind’.

A Little Christmas CharmFilms

De trailer van Ashley’s opkomende film ‘ Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story ‘ is verschenen, deze zal vanaf 30 oktober in de Amerikaanse Bioscopen te zien zijn! Ook heb ik de eerst verschenen film still toegevoegd in de galerij

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Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan StoryFilms

Ik heb van de afgelopen maanden enkele nieuwe persoonlijke foto’s toegevoegd van uitjes die Ashley had. Zo ging ze o.a. begin deze maand met vrienden op een roadtrip in de amerikaanse staat Utah voor de verjaardag van haar man Paul. Ook enkele nieuw verschenen trouwfoto’s staan in de galerij.

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http//: 4-7 september 2020: Roadtrip met vrienden naar Utah voor Paul’s verjaardag

Ashley GreeneSocial Media

Ik heb enkele nieuwe setfoto’s toegevoegd van Ashley’s aankomende film ‘Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story’.

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Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan StoryFilms

Ashley heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad met Mei Tao voor een online editie van het tijdschrift Revista de Milenio.

Ashley Greene is an actress best known for her role as Alice Cullen on the Twilight series. She has been successful in the fashion world being the face of Mark Cosmetics and appearing on magazine covers such as Marie Claire, and Elle. In addition to acting, Ashely has established herself as an advocate for the rights of children, animals, and women’s health. Together with her husband, Paul Khoury @paulkhoury and sister in law Olivia Khoury, formed a company dedicated to health and wellness products. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two beloved dogs, Indi and Rosi both adopted.

“I believe that in life everything comes down to focus, vision, and execution of the challenges that are presented to us. Certainly, social media contains negative elements, but we also have the ability and responsibility to use these platforms to raise awareness, spread positive messages, and foster tolerance and peace.”

“It’s amazing to see what social platforms can accomplish when we use them to push for good causes.”

“Social media is not the root of our problems. The problem lies in how we use them. The false representation and messages about the image of women have always been present in the media and have fostered stereotypes that still exist. The difference today is the intensity and immediacy with which we are constantly bombarded with curated images of lifestyles, houses, and perfect bodies that sometimes lead us to have wrong perceptions of reality. Despite this, social media is also a valuable space to shine and convey positive influence and purpose.”

“I am currently starting a company dedicated to providing non-toxic options for menstrual symptom relief and pain management. Our goal is to use social media to educate women about the use of alternative means to traditional drugs and to spread the importance of having a community of strong, healthy and informed women. It’s amazing to see what social platforms can accomplish when we use them to push for good causes. ”

“I understand the importance of platforms and try to use the influence I have to promote the common good. Personally, I try to present myself in a real and balanced way. Sometimes I share my exercise routine, my outlook on life, and charities and causes that I am passionate about like ASPCA and St. Jude. ”

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