Er is een video verschenen van de ‘Antiquities’ vragensessie voor de pers tijdens het Dances with Films die vorig jaar juni plaatsvond. Bekijk hier de foto’s van het evenement.

Ik heb screencaptures toegevoegd van Ashley’s film ‘Antiquities’, deze verscheen eind vorige maand gelimiteerd in Amerikaanse bioscopen en Video on Demand. Vooralsnog is er nog niets bekend van een Nederlandse release.

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Ashley’s laatste film ‘Antiquities’ is sinds vandaag op te koop in DVD in Amerika. Daarnaast zal de film ook op andere streamingsdiensten in Noord-Amerika uitkomen. Helaas is er nog niets bekend over een Nederlandse release datum.

Er is een nieuwe poster verschenen van ‘ Antiquities’, de film verscheen eerder deze week in geselecteerde bioscopen in Amerika en is vanaf vandaag ook te zien op Video on Demand daar.

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‘Antiquities’ zal te zien zijn op het Fayetteville Film Festival op 21 september. Het is niet bekend of Ashley hierbij aanwezig zal zijn.

Gisteren was er een screening van Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Antiquities’ in Arkansas tijdens de Arkansas Cinema Society’s Filmland, tickets voor de film waren binnen een uur uitverkocht waardoor en nog een tweede voorstelling gepland werd. Regiseur Daniel Cambell had onderstaand interview met over het proces rondom de lange productie van de film. Een review van de film was positief waarbij die omschreven werd als “smooth, delightful film filled with quirky, familiar characters”.

“Antiquities,” a feature film set largely in North Little Rock and starring Mary Steenburgen and Ashley Greene, has been almost a decade in the making. That timeline has built up some anticipation: Its Arkansas debut on Aug. 24 as part of the Arkansas Cinema Society’s Filmlands old out in one hour (a second screening was added for 11 a.m. Aug. 26).

But the lengthy process didn’t exactly work out so well financially for its creators. Graham Gordy, who co-wrote the screenplay with writer/director Daniel Campbell, joked recently that he and Campbell had made about 3 cents per hour for all the time they’d put into the project. “For this, it’s romance, not finance,” Gordy said.

The story starts back in 2009, when Campbell made a 14-minute short film, also called “Antiquities.” It was his first foray behind the camera. He’d caught the filmmaking bug a year earlier, when he worked in Memphis in the casting department for the indie film “Nothing But the Truth” (Matt Dillon, Kate Beckinsale), but he still had a day job in Little Rock as gang prevention coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club.

The “Antiquities” short followed Terrence (Little Rock actor and comedian Jason Thompson in a hilarious wig) and his shit-talking antique mall boss, Blundale (local radio host Roger Scott), as they bounced around town, with stops at a strip club and an urban barbershop, in an attempt to prep Terrence to ask a co-worker out on a date. With “John Hughes by-way-of Wes Anderson charm,” as John Tarpley described it in the Arkansas Times, the film won the inaugural Charles B. Pierce Award for the best film made in Arkansas at the Little Rock Film Festival in 2010.

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Ashley heeft tijdens de screening van ‘Antiquities’ vorige maand gepraat met over de film:

“I was excited to be a part of Antiquities because there is something so endearing and authentic about the story, even in the wild scenarios we’re thrown into. The characters are outrageous, but the themes at heart are relatable.

“Ellie (who I play) can’t bring herself to face the pain of the loss of her brother so she deflects and uses comedy. She thrives in making others uncomfortable with her brazen, inappropriate, yet hilarious comments and behavior. It takes someone like Walt, who has recently suffered a similar loss, to help her get past that.

“I’ve never portrayed a character like Ellie… honestly I was terrified, but it was such an incredible experience and I’m so proud to have been a part of the film.”

Ashley was gisteren aanwezig op ‘Antiquities’ World Premiere tijdens het Dances With Films Festival in L.A. Er zijn helaas maar enkele foto’s van Ashley verschenen.

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De trailer van Ashley’s opkomende film ‘Antiquities’ is verschenen!

Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Antiquities’ zal op 16 juni zijn wereldpremiere hebben op het Dances With Films Festival in L.A. Mocht je toevallig in L.A. zijn dan kun je tickets kopen voor de screening. Het is niet bekend of Ashley hierbij aanwezig zal zijn.

WRITERS: Graham Gordy, Daniel Campbell
DIR: Daniel Campbell
PRODS: Kathryn Francis Tucker, Jayme Lemons, Gary Newton, Graham Gordy, Daniel Campbell
CAST: Andrew J. West, Ashley Greene, Michaela Watkins, Mary Steenburgen, Michael Gladis, Troy Anthony Hogan, Graham Gordy, Roger Scott, Melanie Haynes, Jeff Bailey, Jason Thompson

After his father’s death, Walt moves to his dad’s hometown to learn more about who his father was. He accepts a job at a local antique mall where he’s introduced to the quirky world in which his dad grew up. There, Walt learns not only about his father, but a good bit about himself.

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