Ashley en haar schoonzus Liv Khoury zijn te gast geweest bij de Celebrity Packaged Goods podcast.

Ashley Greene recently welcomed baby Kingsley just four months ago, but is already doing so much to help new moms navigate their postpartum experience. In this episode she chats with Bethany Braun-Silva about the 4th Trimester, her feeding journey, and all the ups and downs of being a new mom.

Ashley heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot en interview gehad met Instyle Magazine over haar zwangerschap. De foto’s zijn gemaakt door haar man Paul en schoonzus Liv Khoury was betrokken bij de styling.

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In the era of TikTok, Alice Cullen has become a symbol for gay awakenings, and the actress behind her is taking her new title — and the Twilight resurgence — in stride.

Nearly 14 years after the series premiered in 2008, the Twilight standom is stronger than ever — thanks to the saga’s debut on streaming platforms and the TikTok thirst traps (see: Alice Cullen baseball pitch) and fan reenactments that followed. Its release on Netflix in 2021 thrust the films back into the pop culture zeitgeist and was one of the few things that brought solace during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Maybe it was nostalgia for simpler times (in the early 2000s, my 7th-grade self’s main worry was deciding if I was Team Edward or Team Jacob), before the world descended into virus-spreading, politically fueled madness. But Twilight movie marathons and those “Where the hell have you been, Loca?” memes have returned, plopping us right back into the fantasy world of Forks, Washington, and providing an escape from our own dreadful, pandemic-surging reality, even if just for a moment.

Ashley Greene Khoury, who played vegetarian-vampire-turned-gay-icon, Alice Cullen, heard the fans and capitalized on the Cullen craze by launching a podcast, The Twilight Effect, a deep dive into the making of the movies with guest appearances from all your favorite cast members, like Kellan Lutz (who played Emmet Cullen) and Billy Burke (Bella’s completely oblivious father, Charlie Swan). After attending a fan convention, reuniting with some co-stars, and reminiscing about her time as the future-sighted good vamp, the mom-to-be (she’s expecting her first child with husband Paul Khoury) knew she wasn’t done talking about the films.

The Movie Saga You Were Obsessed with in 2009 Has the Best Social Media on the Internet Right Now
“I have reconnected with a lot of fans and had a lot of really meaningful conversations with them because Twilight acted as this escape for them during the pandemic when they were going through a lot of really heavy things,” Greene explains to me over Zoom from her Los Angeles home. “That’s really special.”

In the era of meme culture, it’s become evident that others connected with Alice on a deeper, more personal level, crediting her with their gay sexual awakening. Fans made Alice TikToks and memes (with an emphasis on the sexy baseball scene from the first movie) to let us know that we had been fantasizing about the wrong vampire all along. And the sentiment resonated with the Internet and Greene, who says she totally sees it now.

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Ashley was vorige week te gast in de Scrubbing In podcast met Becca Tiley and Tanya Rad!