Ashley heeft een fotoshoot door Suki Smith gehad om moedersdag te promoten voor OurHummingway.

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Preparing for motherhood: entering into the land unknown, by Ashley Greene Khoury
Our co-founder Ashley Greene Khoury reveals her journey to pregnancy, her emotions and body literacy as she prepares for motherhood.

Everything I’ve done up until this point has prepared me for what’s to come.
The last time I wrote an article for Hummingway, it was to share my experience of transitioning off hormonal birth control. This time, I am writing about the even bigger transition that will take me into motherhood. I went into this pregnancy with the clear understanding that my experience will be unique to me, and that it’s ok that I’ll be learning as I go.

I’ve really tried to avoid comparing myself to others in any fashion throughout this pregnancy and have leaned heavily on my doctor to give me the peace of mind that all is progressing the way it should. So, before I dive into my pregnancy experience, please keep in mind that each of our experiences will likely differ in numerous ways, and that’s ok.

Perhaps it’s the extra hormones (potentially leading to an increase in uterine blood flow) produced during pregnancy, or perhaps it just hasn’t all hit me yet – but so far I’ve taken my pregnancy day by day – with little anxiety. Yes, I have an occasional doubt or fear, but mostly I have a mix of excitement, calm and an uncertainty (one that I’ve accepted) about what the future holds. My main focus has been on keeping myself healthy, both mentally and physically, through nutrition, fitness and meditation, so that I feel centered enough to accept the rapid changes happening currently and those to come in the future. I think my biggest hurdle to face so far has been accepting the fact that my work life will have to make way for something – someone – more important. I love working, it really brings me joy, so this adjustment has thrown me off a bit. Although I’m fully aware that this will be the least of my worries come the fourth trimester.
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Hier alvast een kort stukje van het panel dat Ashley en Olivia bijwoonde op 16 maart om te praten over Our Hummingway. Het volledige interview is in 3 delen te zien op de website van Ook zijn er nieuwe foto’s van het event verschenen en zijn screencaptures van het volledige interview in de galerij geupload.

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Er is ook nog een video waarin ze reageert op een lied door Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Twilight’ nummer

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Today we are joined by Twilight’s Ashley Greene and host of The Twilight Effect podcast out March 15th. On this episode of Going Deeper we talk about Ashley’s former co-star, Robert Pattinson who stars as Bruce Wayne in the new movie, The Batman. We talk if his performance stacks up and if Rob plays the moody goth Bruce Wayne we really needed all along. Next we talk about the phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, Euphoria. We discuss the controversy of sexualising teenagers and wonder how the show will develop in the next season with so many cliffhangers and loose ends. From there, we talk sex scenes in movies and how it’s a mistake to watch “R” rated movies with your grandma and on a plane. We then talk about marriage and how destination weddings can be the move to keep things more intimate. Next, we invite Love is Blind Season Two cast members, Nick and Danielle, on for a mediation where they talk about their struggles when their cleanliness habits and routines conflict.

“Is it just a thing for women to leave out four or five water glasses without putting them away?”

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New kids on the blockchain! Best known for playing vampire Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga franchise, Ashley Greene is taking her talents from Hollywood to the Metaverse. The actress recently launched a new NFT project called Fridgits alongside husband Paul Khoury and a team of female entrepreneurs.

Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene ‘Wish’ They Could Make Another ‘Twilight’ Movie
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that are bought and sold online, often in the form of artwork with cryptocurrency. Think: virtual trading cards. Fridgits is the first food-based NFT with 20 ingredient-illustrated characters living on the Ethereum network. As part of the Metaverse marketplace, Fridgits aims to bridge the gap between the food industry and web3 integration. And unlike some NFTs, this revolutionary system is based on categories rather than individual assets.

“I was initially introduced to the world of crypto, blockchain and NFTs by my husband Paul,” Greene exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, February 21. “At first, it was a lot to wrap my head around, but when I started to understand the safety and accountability the blockchain offered, as well as the possibilities of the Metaverse, I was hooked. It’s definitely a bit foreign to a lot of people but so was the internet at first.”

An NFT collector herself, Greene drew inspiration for Fridgits from her exploration of other minted creations. “We all really enjoy a bit of a cryptic, engaging, game-like project, so you’ll see that influence in Fridgits,” she said. “We definitely wanted to be a project that is ever-evolving and continues to reward our collectors. When we win, our Fridgits community wins.”

Cryptocurrency is considered a largely male-dominated space. Out of the four Fridgits founders, however, three are women. While Greene admitted that it initially felt “a bit intimidating” to enter this new industry as a woman, she says that “this space is full of wonderful people — both men and women — waiting with open arms.”

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This is not the first time that the Aftermath star has chosen to collaborate with other female entrepreneurs. “I recently launched a company called Hummingway with my sister-in-law Olivia [Khoury] and have seen firsthand the power of women who are determined to get the job done right and the power of women who rally around one another,” Greene shared with Us. “The same is true in this space. [Co-founders] Sarah [Khoury] and Sophie [Silva] are two of the most well-versed people I’ve ever spoken to in this space.”

Greene’s female empowerment extends far beyond Fridgits. In addition to actively supporting multiple charities, she champions other women interested in joining the crypto community. “I’d definitely like to encourage more women to give it a try,” Greene told Us. “It’s important to me to break down the barrier many women face when trying to enter the world of NFTs. We’re working on some informational videos and hosting informational evenings at my place to start.”

When she’s not navigating the Metaverse, Greene is still starring in projects on screen. Her upcoming films include The Immaculate Room opposite Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth and Some Other Woman with Tom Felton and Amanda Crew.

Twilight’s Cullen Family: Where Are They Now?
So, how does the Fridgits founder balance her newfound crypto career with her acting profession? “Sometimes I feel my brain might explode, but I like it that way,” Greene said. “And at the end of the day, I’m not claiming to be an NFT savant. There are many who I look to for guidance, but I’m learning every day and that’s enough for me.”

Greene and Khoury tied the knot in July 2018

While chatting with PEOPLE about her new podcast, The Twilight Effect, Greene opened up about the changes in her life since the making of the hit series — one being the possibility of having kids.

Discussing her former castmate’s milestones, including the few who have kids, Greene says she’s “definitely” thought about having some of her own.

“My husband and I are both kind of like, it’s going to happen. And trust me, we’re at the point where both of our parents are hinting, and they’re like, ‘Okay, we’re ready. You guys have been married a couple of years now,’ ” she shares.

She also adds that when the right time does come, she and Khoury, 33, “can’t wait to be parents.”

“It’s just one of those things where it’s where our lives are in hyper-speed sometimes. And so [it’s about] finding that moment,” the actress says.

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“Someone recently was like, ‘There’s not going to be a perfect moment. You kind of just have to do it,’ ” she adds.

Greene celebrated her 35th birthday on Monday, and in honor of the milestone, she’s bracing for a “whole new chapter.”

“That’s going to be a new chapter. And then I think the next logical stuff is kids. So yeah. It’s going to be a while,” she says.

Greene and Khoury tied the knot in July 2018 in San Jose, California.

“The ceremony was beautiful,” a source told PEOPLE at the time, adding that the couple came up with a unique way to decide who would read their vows first.

“Paul and Ashley [played] rock-paper-scissors to decide who would say their vows first during the ceremony,” the insider said. “Ashley ended up ‘losing’ and went first.”

It was a moment of fun, but the vows themselves were much more serious. “They wrote their own vows,” the source explained. “It was very emotional and there were definitely some tears.

To celebrate their nuptials, the couple honeymooned in Hawaii.

In Greene’s new podcast, The Twilight Effect, the former Twilight star will breakdown behind-the-scenes moments with her former castmates. The podcast is set to premiere on March 15 on all podcast platforms and YouTube.

“Based on the episodes that we filmed already, it’s going to be jam-packed full of info, and really fun for everyone,” she shares.

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Ashley was de afgelopen maand te gast bij enkele podcast op samen met schoonzus en mede eigenaar Liv Khoury te praten over Our Hummingway.