Eind augustus is Ashley een partnerschap aangegaan met Aura Health, op hun website zijn enkele masterclasses van haar te volgen.

No matter where you are in your life, it’s essential to take care of your mental health. Join Twilight star Ashley Greene in her exclusive masterclass as she candidly shares her journey of conquering anxiety and depression in the spotlight. Learn how she found self-love, balance, and resilience amidst the challenges of Hollywood and motherhood.

Er zijn extra afleveringen van The Twilight Effect verschenen op vraag van fans. Vorige week verscheen de podcast gebaseerd op het live evenement met Peter Peter Facinelli uit augustus.

In totaal zullen er 6 extra afleveringen verschijnen.

De (voorlopig) laatste aflevering van The Twilight Effect is verschenen. Dit was de laatste aflevering zoals de podcastreeks gepland was echter staan Ashley en Melanie open voor feedback over hoe ze eventueel extra afleveringen vorm kunnen geven.

Ashley and Mel wrap up the Twilight Effect podcast by discussing their journey, how their Twilight Effect has shifted, who they were most surprised by. And maybe Mel (or you!) can talk Ashley into a reboot after baby. Thanks to all the fans who listened!!

On this episode of the Twilight Effect, Ashley and Mel go way way back as they welcome casting directors Tricia Wood and Lisa Zagoria to discuss how they found the perfect cast. Tricia and Lisa break down the casting process, and how Rob, Kristen, Taylor and all of your favorites landed the roles. And they share some of their favorite audition stories you won’t want to miss.

You’ve been asking for her and she’s finally here! On this episode, Ashley and Mel are thrilled to sit down with Renesmee herself, Mackenzie Foy. Mackenzie shares about her experience shooting the films at just 9 years old, how it was to be on a massive set, and her fave behind-the-scenes stories. She then answers some fan’s burning questions, including how she envisions Renesmee would bring everyone together, and about the on-set swear jar.

Today on The Twilight Effect, Ashley and Mel jump back in time as they welcome to the show the director of New Moon, Chris Weitz. Chris gives great insight into what it was like to come off the heels of Twilight, why he wanted the second film to have its own classical romantic vibe, and how he approached the much-anticipated wolf reveal. Chris shares lots of BTS stories from how he fought to keep Taylor, the benefits and challenges of shooting in Italy, and what it was like being “the new guy” on set. Lastly, we asked for your questions and you delivered! Chris goes on to answer a selection of your burning questions.

Op de het instagramaccount in een outtake geplaats van een portretsessie die Ashley had met haar schoonzus Liv toen ze in maart de The Little Markets International Womens Day Luncheon.

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We have a wolf in the house! Today on The Twilight Effect, Ashley and Mel are super excited to welcome Julia Jones, aka Leah Clearwater. Julia and the girls stroll down memory lane, discussing the whirlwind that it was to be cast in the franchise after it had exploded, and what they wish they could have done differently during their time shooting. Julia talks about her relationship with the rest of the pack, which cast mates she was closest with, and some of her favorite memories. They then battle it out with another Twi-hard in some trivia.