Ashley was in september te gast bij de Forever Twilight in Forks Festival met enkele oud ‘Twilight’ Collega’s

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Ashley’s film ‘Inside Man’ is in Amerika digitaal verschenen, enkele nieuwe stills en screencaptures staan in de galerij.

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De website Movieweb heeft eerder deze maand een exclusieve clip vrijgegeven van Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Inside Man’, de clip is helaas niet te delen op andere site. Bekijk heb daarom op de website zelf De film is op 10 augustus verschenen in Amerika.

Met de naderende release van ‘The Retirement Plan’ in geselecteerde bioscopen in Amerika zijn er enkele nieuwe stills verschenen.

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Ook is de trailer van de opkomende film ‘The Retirement Plan’ verschenen, deze zal volgens enkele website op 25 augustus in de VS verschijnen.

Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Inside Man’ heeft een trailer en zal op 11 augustus in enkele bioscopen te zien zijn in Amerika. De film stond eerder bekend onder de naam ‘Gemini Lounge’.

Ashley is samen met acteur Shawn Ashmore gecast in de nieuwe thriller ‘It Feeds’. De film gaat over een jong meisje dat volhoudt dat een kwaadwillende entiteit zich met haar voedt. Ashley speelt de helderziende therapeut van het meisje die haar eigen demomen moet verslaan om haar te kunnen helpen. De productie van de film is al bezig, de afgelopen weken heeft Ashley via haar social media al laten weten op de set te zien van een film in Canada.

Ashley en Shawn waren eerder samen te zien in de Netflix film ‘Aftermath’. Het is nog niet bekend wanneer hun nieuwste film samen te zien zal zijn.

Ashley Greene (Twilight Saga) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men series) are set to lead horror movie It Feeds, the first in a proposed ten-picture genre slate from LA-based Productivity Media Inc (PMI) and Canadian outfit Black Fawn Films.

Currently in production, It Feeds will tell the story of a young girl who insists that a malevolent entity is feeding on her. Greene portrays a clairvoyant therapist who must confront her own personal demons to save the girl before she is taken completely. Ashmore takes on the role of the anguished father, desperately struggling to protect his daughter.

The slate will be curated, developed and produced by Chad Archibald and Cody Calahan’s Black Fawn alongside Productivity Media. Navid McIlhargey will oversee for the latter. It Feeds was written and directed by Archibald.

PMI recently completed principal photography on Jack Huston’s directorial debut Day Of The Fight, starring Michael Pitt, Ron Perlman, and Joe Pesci. In post are Borderline, starring Samara Weaving and Ray Nicholson; Queen of Bones, starring Julia Butters, Jacob Tremblay, Taylor Schilling, and Martin Freeman; Some Other Woman, directed by Joel David Moore; and Littlemouth, Isabelle Fuhrman, Josh Hutcherson, and Dennis Quaid.

Black Fawn’s credits include genre pics Vicious Fun, Death Valley and The Oak Room.

“We have been aware of Black Fawn for some time and are truly excited to create this long term partnership. This slate of genre pictures adds to the breadth of films we want to bring to audiences worldwide,” said McIlhargey.

“We are beyond thrilled to embark on this new venture with PMI, creating a unique brand of genre films that will not only engage and terrify but pull at the heart strings of our audience,” said Calahan.

Archibald added: “This slate won’t just include horror films — there will be content specifically crafted for today’s audiences, blending genres to shock and surprise viewers.”

PMI’s William G. Santor commented: “The team at Black Fawn is a perfect addition to the partnerships Productivity is creating around the world that center on content creators who are best of breed. We look forward to working side by side with them for years to come crafting compelling entertainment.”

Ashley Greene is repped by Gersh and Untitled Entertainment. Shawn Ashmore is repped by Gersh and Artistry Management.

Volgens de website van de Amerikaanse bioscoopketen AMC zal Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘The Retirement Plan’ 23 juli verschijnen.

When a woman (Ashley Greene) and her young daughter Sarah (Thalia Campbell) get caught up in a criminal enterprise that puts their lives at risk, she turns to the only person who can help – her estranged father Matt (Nicolas Cage), currently living the life of a retired beach bum in the Cayman Islands. However, they are soon tracked down on the island by crime boss Donnie (Jackie Earle Haley) and his lieutenant Bobo (Ron Perlman). Ashley quickly learns that there is more than meets the eye with her father, and Matt realizes that his retirement is not going to go according to plan.

Er zijn enkele nieuwe foto’s van Ashley’s opkomende film ‘Some Other Woman’ verschenen nu de premiere nadert tijdens het Mammoth Film Festival.

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Een crewlid van de recent uitgekomen film ‘Wrong Place’ heeft op haar social media een setfoto gepost met Ashley, deze is nu te zien in de galerij.

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