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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Splash.

The past decade has been a whirlwind for Ashley Greene, who, after only a handful of day-player gigs, landed the role of a lifetime playing Alice Cullen in the “Twilight” saga. But with the five-film series wrapped, the 27-year-old actress is still experiencing firsts: This past weekend, she made her debut appearance at the Venice Film Festival, where her latest film, the horror-comedy “Burying the Ex,” premiered. “Now it’s about choosing the right projects,” she says. “You build [your] resume and there are pros and cons to it, but [then] you don’t want to take anything and everything.” We caught up with Greene on a recent stop in Chicago, where she attended the W Chicago Lakeshore Renovation Reveal Party.


“I wanted to be a lawyer or a psychologist [growing up]. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida, and where I grew up there’s not as much influence artistically as in some of the bigger cities, so I didn’t really even think [acting] was an option. … Then stuff started happening. My parents said, ‘If you get an agent, find a manager, we’ll let you go out to [LA] for a year.’ I managed to — every time they were like, ‘Ehh, maybe you should come back and go to college’ — I’d book a day job, or do something to be able to stay out there.”

“When I moved to LA when I was 17, I didn’t realize how competitive it was. … But that worked in my favor because I wasn’t scared [at auditions]; it was just fun. Same thing with ‘Twilight’ — I didn’t realize the weight of what this film was. I auditioned four or five times and it came between me and this other girl who always books the roles that I want, and I ended up booking it, which was awesome. I was like, ‘Finally!’ It was worth the wait.”

“Cate Blanchett would definitely make me star-struck; and Meryl Streep, of course. She just seems like a powerhouse. I worked with Alan Rickman — he was a little intimidating at first because he has that kind of dry, English sense of humor and sarcasm. I played his daughter, so I think he was a little nicer to me.”

“Recently, I’ve been making jewelry. My friends and I will go downtown and get pieces — we’re doing a lot of beads and some metals and learning how to do clasps and trying everything. I really want to get [the tools] to engrave stuff. It’s fun to play around without any kind of pressure surrounding it.”


Ashley heeft op het 71st Venice Film Festival een interview gehad over ‘Burying the Ex’ met Yahoo!

VENICE, Italy (AP) — She’s been a vampire and now she’s a zombie, but Ashley Greene says she doesn’t even like horror films.

Greene, who played gentle bloodsucker Alice Cullen in the “Twilight” movies, is the undead ex-girlfriend of the title in “Burying the Ex,” Joe Dante’s zombie rom-com about a woman who comes back from the dead to haunt her former boyfriend.

“When I was young I loved them, but the older I’ve got, and living by myself, they freak me out a little more,” Greene told The Associated Press in Venice, where “Burying the Ex” is playing outside the film festival’s main competition.

“I actually try and steer clear of them for the most part — unless I’m making them,” said Greene, who was also haunted by a spirit summoned in a college experiment in 2012 chiller “The Apparition.”

“I don’t know if I want to meet the person who wrote ‘Saw,’” she said. “How do you come up with something like that?”

“Burying the Ex” is a cheerful take on the genre, as “Gremlins” director Dante mixes laughs with a loving homage to the verve and gore of classic horror. Greene stars alongside Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek”’s Mr. Chekov) and Alexandra Daddario (“True Crime”) in the low-budget feature.

The 27-year-old actress said it was the latest of her “untraditional fantasy horror characters.”

“Alice in ‘Twilight’ is the polar opposite with what you think of when you think of a vampire.”And Evelyn in “Burying the Ex” is “not the mindless, brain-eating zombie you see in most horror films.”

“I got to give this zombie a soul,” she said.

Greene says she enjoys playing villains and “strong, sometimes controversial” characters.

“You’re watching ‘House of Cards,’ and you know that Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, is horrible, but you root for him,” she said.

“That’s kind of what I would strive to do with my characters.”


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Op 4 September bezocht Ashley met haar co-sterren enkele events ter promotie van ‘Burying The Ex’ tijdens het 71st Venice Film Festival.

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