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Ashley’s nieuwste film “Burying The Ex” zal te zien zijn op het Venice Film Festival! Het festival wordt van 27 augustus tot 6 september gehouden in Venetië, Italie, en is niet bekend of Ashley het festival zal bijwonen. Ook is het plot voor de film verschenen:

Burying The Ex is an outrageous horror-comedy in which a young man’s romance with his dream girl takes an unexpected turn when his dead ex-girlfriend rises from the grave… and thinks they are still dating!

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In het onderstaande interview met laat Ashley weten wat haar top 5 is van favorieten films of series!

“Wish I Was Here” star Ashley Greene’s career spans numerous TV shows and plenty of movies (including all five “Twilight” installments). Of course, being a professional actress doesn’t preclude her from being a fan, — so we wanted to know what TV shows and movies she’s a fan of, especially those you can sit back and watch in the comfort of your own home.

The gracious Greene sent along her current #5WorthWatching, along with a few words on why they’re worth checking out.

Be sure to check out her new movie, “Wish I Was Here,” which is in select theaters now and expands nationwide on Friday, July 25.

1. Orphan Black (TV Serie)
2. Masters of Sex (TV Serie)
3. Fruitvale Station (Film)
4. Forrest Gump (Film)
5. Garden State (Film)

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Ashley heeft een kort interview gehad met de

The “Twilight” alum, who has a small but significant role in the Zach Braff film, also talked about how her character is reflective of the title and the importance of the movie’s Kickstarter based fan support.

Ashley Greene is only in a few scenes of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here, but the Twilight alum plays a significant role in Josh Gad’s character’s storyline.

Gad’s Noah, the brother of Braff’s lead character Aidan, begins the film shut off from his family and other people, holed up in the trailer he lives in. But as he pursues his Comic Con-attending neighbor Janine, played by Greene, he begins to express himself more, though he’s unable to reconnect with his estranged father, played by Mandy Patinkin, who’s dying of cancer. Ultimately Noah confesses to Aidan’s daughter Grace that he’s afraid and finally visits his estranged dad before he dies.

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Ashley laat in een kort interview met US Weekly weten welke dingne ze in haar tas heeft zitten.

It’s not easy being Greene. “I’m constantly losing my keys in my purse,” confesses Twilight alum Ashley Greene, 27. “The other day the valet was like, ‘Um, miss, we can’t move your car,’ and I started digging frantically,” the costar of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here (out July 18) admits to Us Weekly. What items did the actress, who dates Australian TV personality Paul Khoury, find while rifling through her Bulgari satchel?

The Queen of Clean
“I constantly eat in my car, so I keep Oral-B Glide floss with me. And I won’t leave my house without Dove deodorant or the Honest Company’s hand sanitizer. I shake a lot of hands!”

Here Comes the Sun
“My friend Cara turned me on to the company HydroPeptide. I carry a really nice sunscreen that gives my skin an iridescent sheen.”

Snack Attack
“I’m never without pistachios or almonds. Sometimes I’ll pack Popchips because they’re pretty guiltless– if you’re going to eat a potato chip!”

Lucky Charm
“I try to keep jewelry out of my purse because I’ll end up losing it, but I do have a Lokai bracelet that signifies to stay hopeful and stay humble.”

The Eyes Have It
“I have tried a lot of different mascaras, but I always come back to L’Oreal’s Voluminous. I’ve had the same tube forever.”

Cold Comfort
“I love Foundation Tissues. They have skull and flower designs on them. They’re cool and kind of girlie!”

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Lucky Magazine over haar rol in ‘Wish I Was Here’, cosplay en ‘Twilight’.

It may seem like the dust has only just settled on the Twilight franchise—because in the two years since the film series officially ended, 27-year-old Ashley Greene has never fallen off our radar. From her sleek red carpet style to her role in last year’s indie CBGB, Greene hit the ground running (literally—we caught up with her last month before she ran a 10K in Central Park!) after shooting wrapped. And this Friday, she’s back on the big screen in Zach Braff’s long-anticipated follow-up (not sequel) to Garden State. Wish I Was Here, written by Braff and his older brother Adam, stars Braff as Aidan Bloom, a mid-30s struggling actor/family man trying to deal with his father’s terminal cancer. The film also stars Kate Hudson as Braff’s patient wife, Mandy Patinkin as his regretful father and Joey King as his religious daughter. Josh Gad plays his misunderstood genius of a brother who wants to impress his neighbor, played by Greene, at Comic-Con because she is “a character designer of full-size plush toys.” Read on for our interview with Greene.

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Ashley was eind juli samen met haar vriend Paul Khoury aanwezig op de W Hotels Of Chicago Lakeshore Reveal Party in Chicago.

Galerij Links:
http//: 31 Juli: W Hotels Of Chicago Lakeshore Reveal Party

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Ik hoop morgen de site weer te kunnen updaten met de laatste foto’s. De afgelopen weken had ik wat problemen met mijn computer en momenteel wacht ik op meer webruimte van onze host :)

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Ashley was op 14 juli samen met vele co-sterren aanwezig op de premiere van ‘Wish I Was Here’ in NYC. Meer foto’s van de premiere volgen later.

Galerij Links:
http//: 14 Juli: ‘Wish I Was Here’ NYC premiere
http//: 14 Juli: ‘Wish I Was Here’ NYC premiere – After Party

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Ashley heeft een vragenuurtje gehad met fans op de Facebookpagina van Entertainment Weekly gisteren. Hieronder de transcripyt van alle vragen die gesteld zijn :) met dank aan Ashley Greene Central.

Wish I Was Here Hi! I’m “here” (get it?!) to answer your questions…let’s get started!

Peggy Simuyuni: How different is the feeling of working on an indie film as compared to a big budget movie for you?
Hi Peggy – working on WIWH is different than a studio film and most indies since it was funded by his fans (thank you guys!) on Kickstarter, which gave Zach full creative freedom. That really set the tone. Everyone was really excited about being there and making the best film possible for you guys. Apart from that, most indie films are just a lot more intimate feeling.

Malena Srur Ashley: would you like to make a period movie piece, old hollywood and stuff? Would you like to prove luck in tv again, like HBO?
I would LOVE to do a period piece! I think there is something very romantic about them. It’s also nice to be able to entertain as well as educate people about that moment in time. Having the opportunity to work on television, as well as film would be the dream. The face of television has really changed in such a positive way.

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