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Ashley had een interview met de DailyMail tijdens de DirecTV Super Saturday Night Party. Hier praatte ze over haar opkomende serie Rouge en de Super Bowl. Zo maakte ze o.a. bekend dat Rouge vanaf 23 maart te zien zal zijn!

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Ashley was te gast bij ‘Joy’ radio tijdens de The Black List Table Reads waar ze filmscripts veranderen in films voor de oren…..

Jody by Jason Wilborn and Chris Kyle is a great way to bridge the gap between the NFL’s Conference Championships and Sunday’s Super Bowl. A Black List reader wrote about the script, “This script fires pitch perfectly on all cylinders. From start to finish, this script surprises. Its characters and plot throwing left right punches making for edge of your seat drama.” Jody stars Ed Quinn, Ashley Greene, Constance Zimmer, Emily Osment, Michael Dempsey, Jonathan Goldstein, Aimee Teegarden, Matt Barr, Carter Hastings, JR Lemon, and Cooper Thornton

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Ashley is de afgelopen 4 maanden in Toronto geweest voor de opnames van het derde seizoen van Rouge waarin ze te zien zal zijn. Een aantal dagen geleden heeft ze een interview gehad met Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada om over de serie te praten. Hier zijn ook enkele achter de schermen beelden te zien van de opnames :)

Ashley Greene has been in Toronto for the past four months filming the TV series ‘Rogue’, in which the former ‘Twilight’ star is trading in her good girlimage for something a bit more dangerous.
Speaking of her character, Ashley tell us, “She’s very different from anything I have ever played. I feel generally I get these sweet relatable characters. I got to do a lot of stunts, shoot very cool guns. At least act like I know what I am doing, when it comes to that.”
And don’t expect to get an immediate read on her character. You will have to watch the entire season to put it all together.
“Mia is a very mysterious character. She’s kind of a bad ass but apart from that we spend the whole season trying to figure out who she is and what her intentions are. Is she in fact the victim of unfortunate circumstance? She’s quite manipulative and a mastermind.”
Ashley joins the stellar cast, which includes Cole Hauser and Richard Schiff, for the second half of Season 3 on ‘Rogue’. But she quickly found out that while the boys are serious on screen, they’re anything but off-screen.
“They are such weirdos! God, I love them! I worked with Cole a lot and then got to work with Richard separately and then seeing them together…they are like big children. They are crazy. It’s so fun because it’s kind of the polar opposite of what you see when they yell action.”
For more with Ashley Greene be sure to tune in tonight to ET Canada.

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Refinery 29 Los Angeles, met een bijbehorende nieuwe fotoshoot. Hier verschenen eerder al achter de schermen foto’s van. Klik hier om de (video)interview op de website van Refinery 29

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met over haar rol in “Burying the Ex”.

Ashley Greene is on NYC time during our phoner; she’s just in Canada shooting the TV series “Rogue,” on which she’s recently become a series regular. “She’s quite a character,” Greene tells us. “I feel like I always gravitate towards these crazy characters.” As it happens, she’s talking to us about “Burying the Dead,” where the crazy character is Evelyn, a 20-something accidentally killed then inexplicably revived as a zombie who plagues Max, her ex-boyfriend (Anton Yelchin). It’s the latest from Joe Dante, the horror-comedy god of “The Howling,” “Gremlins” and best of all “Gremlins 2: The New Batch,” and it’s also a showcase for the “Twilight” alum to go over the top — though not too over the top.

What draws you to crazy characters?
I don’t know. I think it’s opposites attract. I hope. It may be because it throws you into that realm of being able to lose yourself in a role and not really worry about coming off as crazy. Because it’s so far from who I am it just takes the pressure off. It’s almost like having a split personality.

You basically play a series of characters: Evelyn before the accident, then the various stages of decay as she gradually becomes a classic flesh-eater.
I had to make her as realistic as possible through her transition. I looked up bipolar disorder and issues surrounding that, because she has these severe mood swings. One minute she’s in la-la land and completely bubbly and happy; the next she’s enraged and can’t control her temper. I had to make her mood swings real to me.

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met over het werken aan onafhankelijke film, hoe ze haar keuze maakt en eerdere keuzes.

When it comes to blockbuster film franchises, the Twilight saga is way up there as one of the most successful of all time, with Ashley Greene becoming a household name after starring as one of Robert Pattison’s sisters in the movie adaptation.

Despite the global success of Twilight, Ashley has opted to stick to more independent films as her glittering career soldiers on, and when we had an exclusive chat with the star ahead of the release of her new film, ‘Burying The Ex’, she told us exactly why she preferred the indie market.

“It’s definitely a lot more intimate, which is why I love independent films,” Ashley explains, “There is that experience of people definitely working as a team and trying to get the film made so it was nice to have that.

“It’s just really, really fun.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that the 28 year old doesn’t allow herself to be picky, adding: “I’m definitely selective with independents. The content is generally a bit more gritty and i think there’s a lot more left to chance.

“You’re definitely taking a leap of faith with independent films but I find them extremely rewarding. Everyone is putting their heart and soul into it and everyone is there for their love of the art and the film and not for any other reason.

“Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes they don’t and that’s something you have to be able to deal with as an actor…. There are some indie films that I have done that I probably wouldn’t have done as a bigger budget movie because I think you need that love.”

Alongside being generally very rewarding and awesome to work on, indie films also have other perks in the form of some of the brill eye candy that Ashley gets to surround herself with.

The gorge actress worked with Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin for Burying The Ex and told all on filming with the hunk, dishing: “It was really fun, Anton was a blast to work with.

“He made me giggle, it felt like we were in high school and that’s what you can really hope for. It was really great because it was quite crazy and the circumstances that the characters are in and the things that we were having to do on set as actors were crazy so he was really pleasant to work with.

“I also just finished working with James Franco, in a film about the hardship that took place with the apple pickers. It was definitely one of the heavier content, grittier films and it was really awesome to work with someone like James because he’s really talented and really interesting too.”

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met over beroemd zijn en haar nieuwe film ‘Burying The Ex’.

Ashley Greene finds the most surreal part of her celebrity is when fans literally pass out in front of her.

Ashley, who found worldwide fame with her role of vampire Alice Cullen in the ‘Twilight’ franchise, tells HuffPostUK of her her experience: “It’s pretty hard to wrap your head around the fact you have this much power through a project you were part of.

Ashley’s childhood did little to prepare her for this level of fame.

“I grey up on dirt roads, we were allowed only an hour of TV a day, so to see people that fanatic about something was just extraordinary to me. It’s a bit frightening, you worry about people and their health, whether they’re being stepped on. It’s all a bit concerning.”

Now Ashley and the others have put the enormous Twilight juggernaut to bed, she admits it can be difficult finding the right project to move on with.

“I don’t feel like I’m deliberately not being a vampire, but there’s something to be said about proving your versatility. It’s very easy for studio people to pigeonhole you without even trying, and I find independent film gives you more room to flex your acting muscles. And with indie films – you’re definitely doing it for the love, not the money. For me, the content is far more interesting than the size of the project.”

This week, however, finds Ashley hovering in the same field, playing a young woman, dumped by boyfriend Max, then traumatically killed, who returns as a zombie to torment her ex.

“I wasn’t looking to play a zombie,” she admits, “because I had been a vampire for so many years in my life. But this particularly appealed to me as quirky unique turn on classic zombie film. I laughed at the script, it affected me, once that happened, I decided to go for it.”

Ashley laughs when asked to defend her character, who was creating havoc for her weary boyfriend, even before she returns from the dead.

“Everything that happens is the result of her inability to face the issues between them,” she tries. “She is definitely extreme and controlling, Max is no angel either. “

‘Burying The Ex’ from director Joe Dante (‘Gremlins’, ‘Small Soldiers’, ‘Innerspace’) is available to download and view-on-demand in the UK and USA from 19 June 2015.

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Alice Cullen speelt ook in de nieuwe Storytellers verhalen over ‘Twilight’ een belangrijke rol in 3 van de 6 winnende verhalen. Deze zullen verfilmd worden en exclusief op facebook te zien zijn, maar Ashley laat in een interview met MTV weten dat ze niet van plan is de rol van Alice opnieuw te gaan spelen. Zo geeft ze aan dat blij te zijn met de reactie die ze heeft gehad op haar vertolking van Alice, maar het nu tijd voor iemand anders om haar te gaan spelen…

Ashley Greene can’t quite escape her famously befanged character, Alice, even years after the “Twilight” franchise has called it quits. With the resurrection of the films by way of the “The Storytellers” contest that will bring a handful of new “Twilight” universe short films to the world, Alice has once again been put center stage. Three of the six short films focus on Greene’s character, though she won’t reprise the role.

In an interview with MTV News ahead of the release of her new film “Burying the Ex,” Greene said that her role in the shorts would be that of happy audience member.

“I’ll likely be watching them, because I think, mehh, it’s someone else’s turn,” she said. “I did it for a very long time and you know when things end so well, you don’t want to go back and mess them up? I feel like that’s the position I’m in right now. I’m very happy with the character of Alice and people’s response to her so I think I’m going to let her be.”

As for why fans care about Alice enough to want to bring her back in the shorts, Greene said it’s that classic best friend appeal.

“She has a lot of spunk and sass and is this kind of mix of new and vintage and almost has a little bit of that Audrey Hepburn feel – and people are always fascinated with Audrey Hepburn, I know I am,” Greene said.

Not only that, but there’s still a lot of mystery to the character, despite her having been in the Cullen squad for four movies. Where did her powers come from, for example?

“I think there’s a lot to explore with Alice,” Greene said. “We never really got to explore her backstory and the relationship between Jasper and her and how she became this kind of clairvoyant and who she is. I get it. I was very, very drawn to Alice as well. I read the books and I became just as obsessed with them because I want to know more about this character.”

“Burying the Ex” hits theaters June 19.