Today we are joined by Twilight’s Ashley Greene and host of The Twilight Effect podcast out March 15th. On this episode of Going Deeper we talk about Ashley’s former co-star, Robert Pattinson who stars as Bruce Wayne in the new movie, The Batman. We talk if his performance stacks up and if Rob plays the moody goth Bruce Wayne we really needed all along. Next we talk about the phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, Euphoria. We discuss the controversy of sexualising teenagers and wonder how the show will develop in the next season with so many cliffhangers and loose ends. From there, we talk sex scenes in movies and how it’s a mistake to watch “R” rated movies with your grandma and on a plane. We then talk about marriage and how destination weddings can be the move to keep things more intimate. Next, we invite Love is Blind Season Two cast members, Nick and Danielle, on for a mediation where they talk about their struggles when their cleanliness habits and routines conflict.

“Is it just a thing for women to leave out four or five water glasses without putting them away?”

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