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Ashley was twee dagen geleden op de BVLGARI and Save The Children STOP. THINK. GIVE. Pre-Oscar Event in L.A.

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http//: 17 Februari: BVLGARI and Save The Children STOP. THINK. GIVE. Pre-Oscar Event

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Ashley was afgelopen woensdag bij de Oscar De La Renta Opening Reception and Preview in Savannah.

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http//: 04 Februari: Oscar De La Renta Opening Reception and Preview

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‘Urge’ staat in de Top Buzz Titles van het Berlijn Film Festival. Makers van de film zullen in Duitsland op zoek gaan naar distributeurs voor de film om deze te kunnen uitbrengen. Daarnaast is ook het plot van de film verschenen.

URGE (pictured at top)
Director: Aaron Kaufman
Producers: Skip Williamson, Mark Neveldine
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Ashley Greene
A group of friends on an island getaway experiment with a designer drug that makes them lose their ability to control their urges.
Sales: Fortitude Intl.

Plot: When a hedge fund tycoon treats his friends to a holiday on an island, he assures them the time of their lives. Just when they think the weekend couldn’t get any better, they are introduced to a drug called “Urge” that propels them into a state of unbridled euphoria. While Urge feels like the perfect drug, it comes with a catch: it can only be taken once. Once, and only once. Experimentation quickly becomes obsession. People throughout the island find themselves unable to resist using Urge, leading them to suffer the drug’s sole side effect: the complete inability to control their urges. The island quickly devolves into chaos as people succumb to their impulses. The rebellious one in the group is the only one unaffected by the drug and is left to assume the role of their savior. What he finds, however, is that Urge is much more than a drug and may be leading them to the end of civilization.

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Image Entertainment heeft de rechten van Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Burying the Ex’ gekocht waardoor de film waarschijnlijk nog deze zomer in Amerika te zien zal zijn.

Image Entertainment has acquired all U.S. rights to Joe Dante‘s horror comedy “Burying the Ex,” which stars Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene and Alexandra Daddario, TheWrap has learned.

“Burying the Ex” premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is expected to be released in theaters and on VOD this summer.

Written by Alan Trezza, “Burying the Ex” follows nice guy Max (Yelchin) and his overbearing but incredibly beautiful girlfriend Evelyn (Greene). Their relationship takes a nosedive after they decide to move in together and Evelyn turns out to be a controlling, manipulative nightmare. Max realizes it’s time to call it quits, but there’s just one problem: he’s too afraid to break up with her. Fate steps in when Evelyn is involved in a freak accident and dies, leaving Max single and ready to mingle. Several weeks later, he has a chance encounter with Olivia (Daddario), a cute and spirited girl who just might be his soulmate. But that same night, Evelyn returns from the grave as a dirt-smeared zombie and she’s determined to live happily ever after with Max.

The film was produced by Scooty Woop Entertainment’s Mary Cybriwsky and Frankie Lindquist, Carl Effenson, David Johnson, Kyle Tekiela and Trezza.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with legendary filmmaker Joe Dante. He brings a unique vision and style to ‘Burying the Ex.’ We are confident that his fans and the genre community will embrace the film,” said Mark Ward, RLJ Entertainment’s senior VP of acquisitions for the Image brands.

Ward negotiated the deal on behalf of RLJE/Image Entertainment along with Cassian Elwes, CAA and Voltage Pictures on behalf of the filmmakers.

Image Entertainment is an RLJ Entertainment brand. RLJE owns all rights to the hit UK mystery series “Foyle’s War” and 64% of Agatha Christie Limited.


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Ik heb nieuwe outtakes gevonden van Ashley’s fotoshoot met Walter Chin voor Instyle Magazine uit 2010!

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http//: Walter Chin

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Ik heb enkele nieuwe foto’s toegevoegd van Ashley op de premiere van de film ‘6 Bullets To Hell’ eerder deze maand!

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http//: 15 Januari: ‘6 Bullets To Hell’ L.A. Premiere

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Ashley zal op 19 februari aanwezig zijn de op jaarlijkse Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822 Pre-Oscar Galaon in Hollywood

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Ashley poste onderstaande foto op haar twitter om fans op te roepen om hun spijkerbroeken te doneren aan #TeensForJeans. Een liefdadigheidsdoel die de gedoneerde spijkerbroek uitdeelt aan jongere in dakloze opvangen. In 2010 zette ze zich ook al in voor dit doel samen met acteur Justin Long in een reclamespot.

I donated my denim for #TeensForJeans. They’re going to a local homeless shelter where they’ll help clothe a young person. I challenge @ashleytisdale @barpaly @caraasantana to do the same. Want to join me, @dosomething and @aeropostale? Sign up now to help at

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http//: Instagram foto’s 2015

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Er zijn nieuwe outtakes verschenen van Ashley’s fotoshoot voor Oakley Woman.

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http//: Oakley Women Fall 2014 Campaign

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Bezoek nu ook mijn nieuwe website over ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actrice en zangeres Lucy Hale!