Hier alle recente afleveringen van de podcast The Twilight Effect, gasten de afgelopen periode waren o.a. Michael Welch, Nikki Reed en Jackson Rathbone.

De People Conventions de organisator van de ‘Twilight’ conventie Eternal Con die Ashley vorig jaar november bewoonde in Parijs met Peter Facinelli Mmichael Welch, Mike Newton, Alex Meraz en Kiowa Gordon heeft zelf enkele foto’s toegevoegd van het evenement op hun website. Deze staan nu in de galerij.

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http//: 27 november: Eternal Con – Dag 1 in Parijs, Frankrijk
http//: 28 november: Eternal Con – Dag 2 in Parijs, Frankrijk

Ashley lanceert op 15 maart een eigen podcast met vriendin Melanie Howe genaamd ‘The Twilight Effect’. In de 30-delige podcast serie die zowel via youtube (beeld) en verschillende podcastplatformen te beluisteren is zullen ze het hebben wat er achter de schermen gebeurde van de ‘Twilight’ film. De verwachting is ook dat enkele castleden uit de film te horen/zien zijn in de komende afleveringen.

Enkele weken geleden vroeg Ashley fans via instagram wat zij wilde weten over de ‘Twilight’ reeks voor een project waar ze toen nog niets over kon zeggen. Enkele promotionele foto’s staan in de galerij.

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http//: The Twilight Effect Podcast (2022)

Ashley Greene Admits There ‘Was a Lot of Ups and Downs’ Making Twilight Films: ‘We Were Like a Family’
Greene’s new podcast, The Twilight Effect, will be available on March 15

Get ready to travel back to Forks, Twilight fans!

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight series will launch The Twilight Effect with Kast Media, a rewatch podcast for the beloved movies, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

The podcast will launch its first two episodes on March 15 and will consist of 30 episodes total — releasing one per week. Greene, 35, will co-host the podcast with her best friend, Melanie “Mel” Howe and Twilight super-fan to answer burning questions about the series — including what went on behind the scenes.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Greene says filming the movies “wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine on set.”

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“We did this for five years and there was a lot of ups and downs, and some drama, and we were like a family, but also in our 20s, and so there were kind of tiffs here and there,” she says. “So I think, it’s one of those things where, for the most part, it was a good experience, but we were human beings, and we were in our 20s.”

She continued, “So you can imagine who you were in your 20s versus who you are now.”

The idea for the podcast, which is produced by Jarod Einsohn, Andrea Grace, Harris Lane, Dyana Goldman and Enid Cortes came about after Greene noticed a fan resurgence when the films were put on Netflix. “I feel like this is a sign,” she recalls.

“To be able to kind of share this experience that we went through, I thought would be really fun,” she says. “And it has been. It’s been like, I remember so much, but then Peter [Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen] remembers something else, and Kellan [Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen] remembers something else. And so to have those conversations again has been really awesome.”
Reflecting on the name, Greene thought, “Twilight has such an ‘effect’ on so many people” including her “co-stars” — so it just made sense!

“We’ll reveal fun stuff like onset crushes, and then go deep dive into things, like how it positively and negatively affected their lives,” she says.

Another element of the podcast will be re-watching the films, and Greene says that 10 years later, she can now watch from a “different perspective.”

“I really hate watching myself, but it is like, now I can watch that and be like, ‘Oh, that’s baby Ashley.’ It’s different,” she says. “It was interesting, because it was the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to watch myself and be like, ‘Oh my God, how adorable.’ Because I was so much younger, and I could see it more as Alice than I could before.”


Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone in Twilight | CREDIT: DEANA NEWCOMB/SUMMIT
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A few cast members that fans can expect are Lutz, Nikki Reed and Facinelli — and Greene assures that fans will have the opportunity for engagement throughout.

And wondering if Greene was team Edward or team Jacob? “It was Edward.”

“It was interesting while we were filming that there was this natural separation of vampires, werewolves, humans, because all of our scenes were generally separate. And so, of course, my alliance was to the vampires,” she says.

The Twilight Effect is out March 15 on all podcast platforms and YouTube.

Ashley was enkele weken geleden aanwezig bij enkele conventies in Frankrijk, Duitsland en de VS. Ze was hier o.a. samen met ‘Twilight’ collega’s Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz en Jackson Rathbone. Bij een vragenpanel in Chigago lieten Kellan en Ashley weten open te staan voor een verfilming van ‘Midgnight Sun’. Klik op meer om enkele video’s en interview/panels te bekijken die online zijn verschenen!

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http//: 28 november: Eternal Con – Dag 2 in Parijs, Frankrijk
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Het is bekend geworden dat Ashley aanwezig zal zijn op enkele fanconventies. Zo zal ze op 23 oktober 2021 aanwezig zijn op de Spirit of Halloweentown in St. Helens in de Amerikaanse staat Oregon. En ze is als eerste gast aangekondigd voor People Convention’s ‘Enternal Con‘ in Parijs (Frankrijk) op 27 & 28 november 2021!

Ashley was gisteren samen met Peter Facinelli te gast bij de online conventie Spooky Con waarbij ze via Zoom met enkele fans praten over ‘Twilight’. Enkele al verschenen foto’s staan in de galerij. Op 3 en 4 juli zal organisator People Convention een conventie organiseren over ‘Twilight’genaamd ‘Eternal Con’ in Parijs! Duimen dat Ashley hierbij aanwezig kan zijn :)

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http//: 1 november: Spooky Con Conventie

Ashley is volgend weekend op 1 november samen met o.a. Peter Facinelli te gast bij de online conventie Spooky Con! Klik hier voor meer informatie.