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De gehele video van de Mammoth Media Institute Charity Celebrity Bowling Tournament 2020 die Ashley in februari bezocht.


Ashley is samen met Greenring een promotiecampagne gestart om geld in te zamelen voor het goede doel FeedingAmerica. Door een maandelijkse donatie te doen kom in de goede vriendenlijst van Ashley’s instagramaccount waar ze achter de schermen informatie zal delen, vragen zal beantwoorden en enkele spullen zal weggeven de komende tijd. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Hello everyone! In light of everything going on in the world right now, its important we all work together to make a difference and what better way to do so than enlist the help of my close friends! By joining my list, you will be getting a deeper look into my life, behind the scenes of shoots and movies and a chance for us to connect deeper and chat. You will also be helping me raise money for @FEEDINGAMERICA who launched a COVID-19 Response Fund – a national food and fund raising effort to support those facing hunger. Excited to talk to you guys soon!

Love, Ashley

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Ashley heeft samen met familie en vrienden een reclame gemaakt voor het merk Hydrant!

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Ashley heeft een interview gedaan met MediaplanetUSA waarin ze praat over het belang van goede financiën.

Actor Ashley Greene says now is the perfect time to think about our financial futures, start building credit, and get smart about saving.

Ashley Greene, an actor best known for the Twilight series, has been proactive about her finances for years, and she says it’s thanks to her father. “My father has always drilled it into my brother and my head that building credit is the best thing you can do for yourself,” Greene said. “We grew up with not a lot of money. Even though we didn’t have much, he had stellar credit.”

Greene got serious about her own finances when she first moved to Los Angeles at 17. “I got a credit card because I wanted an Apple computer and then I didn’t pay my credit card,” she said. “My dad nearly lost his mind.”

Having credit looming over her at a young age taught Greene to think more fiscally. “Until I owed money that I could not pay, I didn’t really grasp the severity of how it holds its control over you,” she said. “After that, I looked at a credit card as something where I control my credit card versus it controlling me.”

Many young people think of a credit card as a fast way to more money, but Greene warns people to avoid that attitude. “We have to have credit cards unfortunately. You have to have them to gain credit, but don’t spend more than you have,” she said. “Use the credit card, build your credit, pay the credit card off, because otherwise, you’re just going to get yourself into this rabbit hole.”

Greene, who shares her household finances with her husband Paul Khoury, takes a proactive approach to managing the couples’ spending. “As brutal as it is, I go over all of our credit card statements, even if it’s a monthly autopay statement,” she said. “I think people don’t want to look at it. It’s that mentality of, ‘If I don’t look at it it’s not there,’ when really what you should be doing is getting ahead of it.”

Now as the United States economy struggles due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is especially important to start thinking about smart budgeting. “You never think it’s going to happen and here it is happening,” she said, “but then I could sit and remember, you were prepared for this.”

The economic shutdown has meant radical changes in spending but changing spending habits could be a chance to re-evaluate spending priorities, according to Greene. “I went to Big Lots the other day, what with the craziness and there being no toilet paper, and I walked into Big Lots and thought, I’m an idiot. Why am I not coming here all the time when all of the things are half the price?” she said.

Greene, whose mother was an insurance broker, believes this is an empowering time to invest in our personal finances, especially for women. “It is a time for women to feel very empowered,” she said. “There’s so much more that I could know, but I feel very empowered by the fact that I am in control of myself and my finances.” Greene has just signed up for an online finance course through Yale, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. “You can do it on your computer. You can learn it at home so you don’t feel embarrassed that you’re starting from the ground floor.”

Greene hopes that other women will encourage each other to learn more about their financial futures. “I would encourage every woman to do it,” she said, “and teach your daughters. I was very lucky to have the dad that I have.”

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Ashley’s recente instagramfoto’s staan in de galerij!

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Gravitas Ventures heeft de wereldwijde rechten gekocht om Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story’ uit te brengen. Het is nog niet bekend wanneer dit zal gebeuren.

Gravitas Ventures has secured the worldwide distribution rights to Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story, the Danny A. Abeckaser-directed biopic based on life and career of legendary New York City street basketball player Jackie Ryan in the 1990s. The film stars Greg Finley (Secret Life of An American Teenager) in the title role, as well as with David Arquette, Brandon Thomas Lee, Ashley Greene, Robert Davi, Bo Dietl, and James Madio. It’s slated for a limited theatrical release in October with a worldwide release to follow.

Antonio Macia penned the screenplay. Describes as a hot-tempered, flamboyant, and self-centered streetball legend, Ryan’s dreams of playing professional basketball seem to have passed him by after years of hard partying and neglect. He works construction alongside his overbearing father (Arquette), and his wisecracking best friend Marty (Madio). After being spotted at the famous West 4th basketball court for his incredible talent, Ryan is invited to try-out for the New Jersey Nets and is forced to confront his inner demons, family conflicts, relationship drama, and turn his life around.

The pic features cameos from Michael Rapaport, Sean Avery, Ben Lyons, and The Harlem Wizards. Abeckaser, who worked closely with the real Jackie Ryan, produced the pic through his 2B Films production company, alongside Vincent Maggio. Exec producers are Isaac Gindi, David Gindi, and Ron Rofe.

“I’m so excited to be working with Gravitas on Blackjack,” said Abeckaser “They really understood and appreciated Jackie’s journey, and I can’t wait for people to see this film, which was a true passion project. We spent two years working on the movie behind the scenes and finished production this past fall. To be able to finally debut it on the big screen with Gravitas as our partner, is beyond exciting.”

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Ashley promoot het roeiapparaat van Hydrow, zo maakte ze vanuit huis samen met schoonzus Liv een reclame en doet ze zelf een givaway voor fans.

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Ashley’s recente film ‘Bombshell’ zal op 25 mei uitkomen op DVD in Nederland!