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Ashley heeft tijdens haar vakantie een interview gedaan met The Daily Telegraph/Herald Sun tijdens haar vakantie. Hier praat ze over een evt. reboot van de ‘Twilight’ films. Ze laat weten dat de mogelijkheid er ooit wel zou zijn, maar het nu nog te snel is. Ze ziet voor zichzelf niet echt een rol weggelegd in een evt. reboot omdat het lastig zal worden een onsterfelijk vampier te spelen nu ze al 10 jaar ouder is sinds de eerst film uit kwam.

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HOLLYWOOD starlet Ashley Greene says her Twilight days are more than likely behind her, as she prepares to welcome the dawn of a new year in Sydney.

The 29-year-old believes it is too soon to reboot the cult vampire franchise. “Is there a chance that they eventually do some kind of reboot? Of course,” said Greene, who will celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Star’s world famous Marquee nightclub.

“I feel it’s a bit soon just now but it is a definite possibility.

“With the original cast involved, I don’t know simply because we are 10 years older and we are supposed to be non-ageing vampires.”

Greene is travelling with a group of friends and family, including her mum Michele who will celebrate her 50th birthday at Marquee tomorrow night.

As for resolutions, Greene says she wants to visit us again soon: “After two days here, we already want to come back to see the Great Barrier Reef.”

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Ashley siert de april 2016 cover van Shape Magazine met een nieuwe fotoshoot! Hier praat ze o.a. over haar fitnessroutine. Klik op meer om het bijbehorende interview te lezen. Edit: Enkele outtakes vervangen voor HQ en scans toegevoegd.

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The actress (and our April cover girl) loves going hard on her workouts—the woman climbs 4,000 feet three times a week and pushes a 100-pound sled around the gym. Still, don’t ask her to give up cheese. Or grits. Or chocolate.

The actress and fitness fanatic, best known for playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies, and who now stars in the DirecTV crime drama Rogue, is hooked on an intense climbing routine that she credits with making her stronger than she has ever been. “It’s an insane full-body workout that gets your cardiovascular levels very high very quickly,” Greene, 29, says. “It really pushes you, but it’s so fun that it’s addictive.” She’s not exaggerating—she just completed a challenge in which she did the workout every day for 31 days straight. “I wanted to increase my strength and endurance and prove to myself that I could do it,” she explains. Three philosophies guided Greene to her victory and continue to help her move forward toward even bigger fitness goals—and the good life in general. She runs us through them.

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Ashley siert de juli 2015 cover van Health Magazine met een nieuwe fotoshoot en een interview over gezondheid, sporten en Hollywood. Edit: Scans van het bijbehorende artikel toegevoegd in de galerij.

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Over a crazy-hard hike, Twilight star Ashley Greene talks getting strong without bulking up, staying body positive in a critical world—and actually liking to hear the word no.

“This is the part I was telling you about,” Ashley Greene says, pointing down at the canyon below. We’re hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, high above the fast-paced world of Hollywood, and the views at the top are stunning: clusters of lavish homes, lush trees and a blue sky that looks like it came straight out of a Crayola box.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s a perfect, 84-degrees-and-sunny California day, and that up here, it’s just us, a dusty trail and a few random hikers who don’t seem to recognize that there’s a movie star in their midst. There are also no paparazzi—only a guy and his big, fluffy dog, which Ashley (who has four dogs of her own) stops to pet. “Hey, cutie,” she says, scratching the dog’s head before heading back uphill.

This hiking trail, located less than 10 minutes from her home, is a regular part of the 28-year-old’s fitness regimen and a place she comes to clear her head. “Part of working out for me is having the ability to break away from all the stresses of the day,” she says. “Up here, it’s so pretty—you feel like you’re not in L.A. at all.” Then she adds with a laugh, “Don’t give away the location!”

It makes sense that sporty Ashley—who, fittingly, is the face of Oakley women’s eyewear—needs a private escape from the daily pressures of her acting career. In 2005, when she was just 17, she left her mom, dad and brother in Jacksonville, Fla., and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. In 2007, she hit the jackpot by landing her best-known role to date: Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga, a part she went on to play in five blockbuster movies released over five years. In her latest film, Burying the Ex, she plays Evelyn, a girlfriend from hell “who also happens to be a zombie. Evelyn just takes it to the extreme,” she says—and when it comes to her workouts, so does Ashley, considering that an hour and a half into our hike, she has barely broken a sweat.

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Na de Amerikaanse en Zuid-afrikaanse versie van Woman’s Health Magazine, siert Ashley nu de mei 2015 editie in Groot Britanië! Daarnaast heb ik enkele outtakes van de bijbehorende fotoshoot met fotograaf Tom Schirmacher vervangen voor een betere versie.

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Ashley cover voor Woman’s Health gaat de hele wereld over! Zo staat ze nu ook op de Zuid-Afrikaanse editie van het blad voor januari 2015!

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http//: Januari 2015: Woman’s Health (Zuid-Afrika)

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Ashley siert de December 2014 cover van Russische editie van Women’s Health. Hiervoor is een nieuwe fotoshoot gebruikt uit de fotoshoot met Tom Schirmacher. Enkele andere outtakes staan wel in de galerij.

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Er is een alternatieve versie verschenen van de Women’s Health cover van November!

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http//: November 2014: Woman’s Healht (VS)

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Ashley siert de november 2014 cover van het blad Woman’s Health met een prachtige nieuwe fotoshoot door Tom Schirmacher. Edit: Meer outtakes toegevoegd.

Take a look around the gym these days, and you’ll see more than fit bodies with womanly curves. There’s eyeliner. Berry-colored lips. Trendy braids swinging along the row of treadmills. Workout clothes so chic you can wear them to barre or the bar. The new female athlete is a perfect combination of strength and femininity. “Gender roles are changing even in the gym,” says Eileen Anderson-Fye, Ph.D., Robson associate professor of anthropology and adjunct professor of psychiatry at case Western Reserve University. “Power and femininity are no longer mutually exclusive—it’s not uncommon to see a woman hitting a punching bag wearing a flouncy Athleta skirt.

Enter Ashley Greene. With her sexy, sculpted body, athletic background (“I grew up doing a little bit of everything—martial arts, volleyball, diving, and competitive cheer, dance, and swimming”), and cool sense of style (she’s the face of Oakley Women’s eyewear), Ashley is the embodiment of this sporty beauty phenomenon. Take this anecdote: The 27-year-old Jacksonville, Florida, native recently challenged her boyfriend, entrepreneur Paul Khoury, to a car race at a track in Palm Springs—in high-heeled booties, no less. And guess what? She won! “Why shouldn’t you be able to look cute when you win?” Ashley says playfully. The actress—who stars in the upcoming movies Burying the Ex and Staten Island Summer—reveals how she manages to kick butt and look gorgeous doing it.

Pick up a copy of our November 2014 issue to read the rest of Ashley’s cover story!

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