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Ashley is tijdens de 12th Annual ESPN The Party samen met vriendin Rhiannon Rae de Photobooth ingegaan, waar deze superleuke outtakes van zijn verschenen!

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http//: 12th Annual ESPN The Party Photobooth

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Ik heb enkele nieuwe outtakes toegevoegd van Ashley’s fotoshoots met Tom Schirmacher voor Women’s Health uit 2014 en Matthais Vriens-McGrath voor Health Magazine uit 2015. Enkele andere outtakes uit de fotoshoots zijn vervangen voor een versie van betere kwaliteit/grote.

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http//: 2014 > Tom Schirmacher (Women’s Health)
http//: 2015 > Matthais Vriens-McGrath (Health Magazine)

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Ashley laat via haar instagramaccount weten vandaag een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad te hebben in Malibu. Hierbij post ze een foto van de set van de fotoshoot. Ze onthuld niet voor welk blad ect de fotoshoot is en wanneer deze verschijnt, maar ze kan niet wachten tot fans hebben kunnen zien.

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Refinery 29 Los Angeles, met een bijbehorende nieuwe fotoshoot. Hier verschenen eerder al achter de schermen foto’s van. Klik hier om de (video)interview op de website van Refinery 29

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http//: Refinery 29 Los Angeles

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Ashley siert de juli 2015 cover van Health Magazine met een nieuwe fotoshoot en een interview over gezondheid, sporten en Hollywood. Edit: Scans van het bijbehorende artikel toegevoegd in de galerij.

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http//: Matthais Vriens-McGrath (Health Magazine)

Over a crazy-hard hike, Twilight star Ashley Greene talks getting strong without bulking up, staying body positive in a critical world—and actually liking to hear the word no.

“This is the part I was telling you about,” Ashley Greene says, pointing down at the canyon below. We’re hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, high above the fast-paced world of Hollywood, and the views at the top are stunning: clusters of lavish homes, lush trees and a blue sky that looks like it came straight out of a Crayola box.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s a perfect, 84-degrees-and-sunny California day, and that up here, it’s just us, a dusty trail and a few random hikers who don’t seem to recognize that there’s a movie star in their midst. There are also no paparazzi—only a guy and his big, fluffy dog, which Ashley (who has four dogs of her own) stops to pet. “Hey, cutie,” she says, scratching the dog’s head before heading back uphill.

This hiking trail, located less than 10 minutes from her home, is a regular part of the 28-year-old’s fitness regimen and a place she comes to clear her head. “Part of working out for me is having the ability to break away from all the stresses of the day,” she says. “Up here, it’s so pretty—you feel like you’re not in L.A. at all.” Then she adds with a laugh, “Don’t give away the location!”

It makes sense that sporty Ashley—who, fittingly, is the face of Oakley women’s eyewear—needs a private escape from the daily pressures of her acting career. In 2005, when she was just 17, she left her mom, dad and brother in Jacksonville, Fla., and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. In 2007, she hit the jackpot by landing her best-known role to date: Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga, a part she went on to play in five blockbuster movies released over five years. In her latest film, Burying the Ex, she plays Evelyn, a girlfriend from hell “who also happens to be a zombie. Evelyn just takes it to the extreme,” she says—and when it comes to her workouts, so does Ashley, considering that an hour and a half into our hike, she has barely broken a sweat.

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Ashley had afgelopen weekend een nieuwe fotoshoot in de Raven Spa. Hiervan is al een achter de schermen foto verschenen al is nog niet bekend voor welk blad de shoot is genomen.

r2studiosStyle & Grace f/@ashleygreene on location at #TheRavenSpa #LosAngeles. Styling: @emily_holland | Hair: @paulnortonhair | Make Up: @vscali #work #vsco

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http//: Unknown #1 – Achter de Schermen

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Ashley was afgelopen vrijdag op de wereld premiere van ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ in L.A.! Edit: Meer foto’s toegevoegd van zoals de premiere als de photobooth!

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http//: 08 Mei: ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ World Premiere
http//: ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ World Premiere Photobooth

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Ashley was afgelopen woensdag aanwezig bij de Biore Skincare Love Is Louder Project Event. Samen met haar o.a. vriend Paul en actrice Brittany Snow zette ze zich in voor het project ‘Love is Louder’.

Love is Louder is a project of The Jed Foundation created with actress Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. It’s hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have turned this idea into a movement. A movement of all types of people who have come together to raise the volume around the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down.

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http//: 06 Mei: Biore Skincare Love Is Louder Project Event
http//: Biore Skincare Love Is Louder Project Event – Photobooth