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Ashley heeft tijdens de screening van ‘Antiquities’ vorige maand gepraat met over de film:

“I was excited to be a part of Antiquities because there is something so endearing and authentic about the story, even in the wild scenarios we’re thrown into. The characters are outrageous, but the themes at heart are relatable.

“Ellie (who I play) can’t bring herself to face the pain of the loss of her brother so she deflects and uses comedy. She thrives in making others uncomfortable with her brazen, inappropriate, yet hilarious comments and behavior. It takes someone like Walt, who has recently suffered a similar loss, to help her get past that.

“I’ve never portrayed a character like Ellie… honestly I was terrified, but it was such an incredible experience and I’m so proud to have been a part of the film.”

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Ashley was gisteren aanwezig op ‘Antiquities’ World Premiere tijdens het Dances With Films Festival in L.A. Er zijn helaas maar enkele foto’s van Ashley verschenen.

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http//: 16 juni: Dances With Films Festival – ‘Antiquities’ World Premiere

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De trailer van Ashley’s opkomende film ‘Antiquities’ is verschenen!

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Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Antiquities’ zal op 16 juni zijn wereldpremiere hebben op het Dances With Films Festival in L.A. Mocht je toevallig in L.A. zijn dan kun je tickets kopen voor de screening. Het is niet bekend of Ashley hierbij aanwezig zal zijn.

WRITERS: Graham Gordy, Daniel Campbell
DIR: Daniel Campbell
PRODS: Kathryn Francis Tucker, Jayme Lemons, Gary Newton, Graham Gordy, Daniel Campbell
CAST: Andrew J. West, Ashley Greene, Michaela Watkins, Mary Steenburgen, Michael Gladis, Troy Anthony Hogan, Graham Gordy, Roger Scott, Melanie Haynes, Jeff Bailey, Jason Thompson

After his father’s death, Walt moves to his dad’s hometown to learn more about who his father was. He accepts a job at a local antique mall where he’s introduced to the quirky world in which his dad grew up. There, Walt learns not only about his father, but a good bit about himself.

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http//: Film Stills

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De eerste poster van Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Antiquities’ is verschenen. Naar verluid zou de film helemaal klaar zijn maar is er nog geen release datum bekend.

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http//: Posters

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Ik heb een nieuwe achter de schermen foto toegevoegd van Ashley’s film ‘ Antiquities’, het is nog niet bekend wanneer deze zal uitkomen.

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http//: Achter de Schermen

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De eerste filmstills van Ashley’s aankomende film ‘Antiquities’ is verschenen.

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http//: Film Stills

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Er zijn opnieuw foto’s verschenen van Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Antiquities’.

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http//: Instagram foto’s 2016
http//: Achter de schermen

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Ashley is begin deze week aangekomen in de Amerikaanse staat Arkansas voor de opnames van haar nieuwste film ‘Antiquities’. Ze poste net als co-ster Viancy Elena enkele foto’s van de set op hun instagramaccount.

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http//: Instagram foto’s 2016
http//: Viancy Elena’s instagram

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Ashley is volgens de website gecast in de nieuwe film ‘Antiquities’ in de rol van Ellie. In de film speelt ze samen met actrice Mary Steenbergen die rollen had in o.a. de serie ‘Orange is The New Black’ en ‘Joan of Arcadia’. Opnames van de film zouden op 16 oktober beginnen, het plot van de film is alsvolgt:

After his father’s unexpected death, a young man (WALT) moves to his dad’s hometown in order to learn more about who his father was. Walt decides to stay with his awkward aunt and her family, whose denial makes his search nearly impossible. He accepts a job in a local antique mall where his boss quickly offers him the possibility of a management position; however, BLUNDALE, a mean-spirited co-worker, isn’t pleased by his new competition and proceeds to sabotage any chance Walt has. Walt then meets ELLIE, an eccentric and crude free-spirit who still manages to be irresistibly charming. He finds himself completely enamored, though hesitant to pursue a relationship with her because of a secret that only he knows. Walt ends up not only finding out who his father really was, but learns more about himself than he ever thought possible.