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juni 19, 2015   Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Yahoo.com interview   Films, interviews

Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Yahoo.com over het werken aan onafhankelijke film, hoe ze haar keuze maakt en eerdere keuzes.

When it comes to blockbuster film franchises, the Twilight saga is way up there as one of the most successful of all time, with Ashley Greene becoming a household name after starring as one of Robert Pattison’s sisters in the movie adaptation.

Despite the global success of Twilight, Ashley has opted to stick to more independent films as her glittering career soldiers on, and when we had an exclusive chat with the star ahead of the release of her new film, ‘Burying The Ex’, she told us exactly why she preferred the indie market.

“It’s definitely a lot more intimate, which is why I love independent films,” Ashley explains, “There is that experience of people definitely working as a team and trying to get the film made so it was nice to have that.

“It’s just really, really fun.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that the 28 year old doesn’t allow herself to be picky, adding: “I’m definitely selective with independents. The content is generally a bit more gritty and i think there’s a lot more left to chance.

“You’re definitely taking a leap of faith with independent films but I find them extremely rewarding. Everyone is putting their heart and soul into it and everyone is there for their love of the art and the film and not for any other reason.

“Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes they don’t and that’s something you have to be able to deal with as an actor…. There are some indie films that I have done that I probably wouldn’t have done as a bigger budget movie because I think you need that love.”

Alongside being generally very rewarding and awesome to work on, indie films also have other perks in the form of some of the brill eye candy that Ashley gets to surround herself with.

The gorge actress worked with Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin for Burying The Ex and told all on filming with the hunk, dishing: “It was really fun, Anton was a blast to work with.

“He made me giggle, it felt like we were in high school and that’s what you can really hope for. It was really great because it was quite crazy and the circumstances that the characters are in and the things that we were having to do on set as actors were crazy so he was really pleasant to work with.

“I also just finished working with James Franco, in a film about the hardship that took place with the apple pickers. It was definitely one of the heavier content, grittier films and it was really awesome to work with someone like James because he’s really talented and really interesting too.”

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