Ik heb screencaptures toegevoegd van Ashley’s laatst verschenen film ‘Wish I Was Here’.

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http//: Screencaptures

Het is bekend geworden dat Ashley’s laatste film ‘Wish I Was Here’ op 28 oktober op DVD en Blu-ray zal verschijnen.

Ik hen neuwe stills toegevoegd van Ashley’s nieuwe film ‘Wish I Was Here’.

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http//: Film Stills

Ashley was op 14 juli samen met vele co-sterren aanwezig op de premiere van ‘Wish I Was Here’ in NYC. Meer foto’s van de premiere volgen later.

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http//: 14 Juli: ‘Wish I Was Here’ NYC premiere
http//: 14 Juli: ‘Wish I Was Here’ NYC premiere – After Party

Ashley heeft een vragenuurtje gehad met fans op de Facebookpagina van Entertainment Weekly gisteren. Hieronder de transcripyt van alle vragen die gesteld zijn :) met dank aan Ashley Greene Central.

Wish I Was Here Hi! I’m “here” (get it?!) to answer your questions…let’s get started!

Peggy Simuyuni: How different is the feeling of working on an indie film as compared to a big budget movie for you?
Hi Peggy – working on WIWH is different than a studio film and most indies since it was funded by his fans (thank you guys!) on Kickstarter, which gave Zach full creative freedom. That really set the tone. Everyone was really excited about being there and making the best film possible for you guys. Apart from that, most indie films are just a lot more intimate feeling.

Malena Srur Ashley: would you like to make a period movie piece, old hollywood and stuff? Would you like to prove luck in tv again, like HBO?
I would LOVE to do a period piece! I think there is something very romantic about them. It’s also nice to be able to entertain as well as educate people about that moment in time. Having the opportunity to work on television, as well as film would be the dream. The face of television has really changed in such a positive way.

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Zach Braff heeft in zijn blog laten weten dat ‘Le role de ma vie’ de Franstalige titel voor zijn film ‘Wish I Was Here’ zal worden.

Hi Backers and friends,

Quick announcement.

Sometimes, a title in the US doesn’t translate as well in other countries around the world. So, you may see different names for the same film in different countries.

For those of you in France, our film will now be known by a new name there: LE ROLE DE MA VIE.

All of our communications here will still refer to the film as WISH I WAS HERE, but if you are telling your friends about it, be sure to let them know about our new title LE ROLE DE MA VIE.



Ashley was afgelopen maandag aanwezig bij de ‘Wish I Was Here’ premiere die gehouden werd bij het DGA Theater in L.A. Foto’s van Ashley op de premiere zelf en after party staan allemaal in de galerij!

Galerij Links:

http//: 23 Juni: ‘Wish I Was Here’ L.A. premiere
http//: 23 Juni: ‘Wish I Was Here’ L.A. premiere – After Party
http//: ‘Wish I Was Here’ Photobooth

Ik hoop de foto’s zo snel mogelijk online te hebben.

Zach Braff heeft via een aankondiging laten weten da zijn nieuwste film ‘Wish I Was Here’ binnenkort te zien zal zijn in enkele Europese landen, helaas (nog) niet in Nederland of BelgiE”.

Lots of release date news for you today! I’m so proud that I am able to bring WISH I WAS HERE to so many of you across the globe!
I’m excited to announce release dates and advance screening dates for our movie in the UK, France and Germany:
The French release will be on on August 13th, 2014.
As announced previously, the UK release will be on September 19th, 2014.
And, we will release in Germany on October 9th, 2014.
For our Advance Screening and Q&A backers across the pond, here are the dates of those events, which you should have already received via Kickstarter message:
August 4th: Paris Advance Screening and Q&A
September 12th: London Advance Screening and Q&A
September 15th: Berlin Advance Screening and Q&A
Rome, we are still working on your date. We don’t have a distributor yet in Italy, so as of now our Rome Advance Screening and Q&A will be the ONLY theatrical screening of the movie in Italy… If you want to change that, be sure to sign the petition here:– wish-i-was-here–in-italia
We are working on release dates for countries around the world, we’d like nothing more to reach all of you. Here are all of our release dates so far:
US: July 18th
Canada: July 25th
Portugal: July 31st
Iceland: August 1st
Turkey: August 1st
France: August 13th
Australia: September 11th
New Zealand: September 11th
Spain: September 12th
Philippines: September 17th
UK and Ireland: September 19th
Romania: September 26th
Germany: October 9th
Switzerland: October 23rd
If you live in one of these countries, please spread the word to your friends about the release date! We’d love for you to share the film you helped make with your loved ones.
For many more of you who are joining us for the Online Backer’s Thank You Screening, details on that coming very very soon. The online screening will be before the US release date of July 18th!