Ashley heeft zo’n twee weken geleden het nieuws gedeeld dat zij en haar schoonzus Liv Khoury een bedrijf zijn gestart ‘Our Hummingway’. Ze hebben zo’n 1,5 jaar achter de schermen aan de lancering gewerkt, via het bedrijf willen ze meer informatie geven over het vrouwelijke voorplantingssysteem en hoe je ongemakken en problemen met bijv. de maandelijkse periode of hormoonhuishouding op natuurlijke op te lossen.

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This post – is an important one – perhaps the most important thing I’ve shared on social media thus far.

Two years ago there was a major shift in my body that caused my menstrual cycle symptoms to rear their ugly head in a way that was disruptive to my life. As much as I tried, I couldn’t regain control of what was happening to me, or figure out WHY everything was so out of whack. It was frustrating and embarrassing that as a 33 year-old woman, I felt lost when it came to my body.

Cut to many heart-to-heart sessions with my sister-in-law @livkhoury (who suffers from PMDD and similarly needed answers). That, and many late night web searches and book purchases in search of a better understanding of my reproductive system and natural ways to address my body. The more we learned, the more the search became less about just the two of us and more about supporting everyone who’s ever felt lost, confused and frustrated by the lack of knowledge out there provided to them about their bodies.

A year and a half ago: my sister-in-law and I embarked on a life-changing journey together, in the form of a company that would challenge our current systems and provide up-to-date, easy-to-understand information surrounding reproductive health. Our aim is to work tirelessly to also provide natural solutions for menstrual cycle symptoms and target the root cause of those symptoms – working towards hormonal harmony.

Today: I’m so excited to share that later this year, Olivia and I will have fully realized part one of our vision and will be launching Hummingway. I would love to see you all over at @ourhummingway to engage in the conversation and help us grow as a company and tackle issues that have remained in the dark for far too long.

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