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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met Marie Claire over Oakley, het sportmerk waar zij momenteel het gezicht van is.

Kudos to Oakley for calling out all those women who buy the newest and trendiest sportswear to hmm, let’s see: shop, lounge around, and maybe hit a Starbucks, but don’t actually workout. You know who you are. In their latest female-driven campaign “Made for More,” Oakley has tapped one of Hollywood’s fittest actresses, Ashley Greene, to spearhead the initiative. Why? Because she is the Oakley girl—cool, smart, competitive, and gets her ass to the gym. Recently in town to run the women-only Oakley New York Mini 10K, Ashley took a breather and chatted with Marie Claire about her lifestyle, go-to playlist, and how she got that body because, well, damn.

So how’d you hook up with Oakley, of all sports brands?
It was something we kind of stumbled upon because I initially went to Bali with them to go on a surf trip that I luckily got invited to, and I just had such a blast and really got on with everyone from Oakley and all the athletes. They were like, “You know, you really fit in with what Oakley is about—you should maybe represent us….”

That’s so cool! So you were like, “Hell ya?”
Of course, I was super excited about it! For me, if I’m going to put my name behind something and be a representative, I want it to be organic and I want it to kind of match my lifestyle. I think that my beliefs and Oakley’s are very similar. They completely support women empowerment and always challenging yourself, going to that next level. They have an extremely positive message about having an active, healthy lifestyle. So for me it was kind of a perfect match.

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Ashley Greeneinterviews

Met de naderende release van Ashley’s film ‘Kristy’ heeft Amazon Duitsland enkele nieuwe stills vrijgegeven.

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Ashley was afgelopen maandag aanwezig bij de ‘Wish I Was Here’ premiere die gehouden werd bij het DGA Theater in L.A. Foto’s van Ashley op de premiere zelf en after party staan allemaal in de galerij!

Galerij Links:

http//: 23 Juni: ‘Wish I Was Here’ L.A. premiere
http//: 23 Juni: ‘Wish I Was Here’ L.A. premiere – After Party
http//: ‘Wish I Was Here’ Photobooth

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Ik hoop de foto’s zo snel mogelijk online te hebben.

AppereancesFilmsWish I Was Here

Zach Braff heeft via een aankondiging laten weten da zijn nieuwste film ‘Wish I Was Here’ binnenkort te zien zal zijn in enkele Europese landen, helaas (nog) niet in Nederland of BelgiE”.

Lots of release date news for you today! I’m so proud that I am able to bring WISH I WAS HERE to so many of you across the globe!
I’m excited to announce release dates and advance screening dates for our movie in the UK, France and Germany:
The French release will be on on August 13th, 2014.
As announced previously, the UK release will be on September 19th, 2014.
And, we will release in Germany on October 9th, 2014.
For our Advance Screening and Q&A backers across the pond, here are the dates of those events, which you should have already received via Kickstarter message:
August 4th: Paris Advance Screening and Q&A
September 12th: London Advance Screening and Q&A
September 15th: Berlin Advance Screening and Q&A
Rome, we are still working on your date. We don’t have a distributor yet in Italy, so as of now our Rome Advance Screening and Q&A will be the ONLY theatrical screening of the movie in Italy… If you want to change that, be sure to sign the petition here: http://firmiamo.it/vogliamo– wish-i-was-here–in-italia
We are working on release dates for countries around the world, we’d like nothing more to reach all of you. Here are all of our release dates so far:
US: July 18th
Canada: July 25th
Portugal: July 31st
Iceland: August 1st
Turkey: August 1st
France: August 13th
Australia: September 11th
New Zealand: September 11th
Spain: September 12th
Philippines: September 17th
UK and Ireland: September 19th
Romania: September 26th
Germany: October 9th
Switzerland: October 23rd
If you live in one of these countries, please spread the word to your friends about the release date! We’d love for you to share the film you helped make with your loved ones.
For many more of you who are joining us for the Online Backer’s Thank You Screening, details on that coming very very soon. The online screening will be before the US release date of July 18th!

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Afgelopen week vonden reshoots plaats van Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Staten Island Summer’. Paramount heeft laten weten dat de film in 2015 uit zal komen.

FilmsStaten Island Summer

Ashley’s nieuwste film ‘Kristy’ zal op 7 augustus uitkomen op DVD en Blu-ray. De film heeft de rating gekregen voor 16-jaar en ouder en is alvast te bestellen via Amazon.de


The night before she was to take her place as the only celebrity in a 10K race, Ashley Greene had a small confession to make: “I’m not much of a runner,” she said, laughing. “You know, I love doing different workouts, so I was totally down to do this, but this is not something that comes easy to me.”

Thankfully, if there was ever a time to lace up, it would be now. The Oakley New York Mini 10K is the world’s original women-only road race, intended to empower women (and girls!) of all ages to be active. “It’s such a good message and a really good cause,” Ashley explained. “And it’s really great to try something new.”

In fact, the Twilight star is no stranger to the world of fitness. She attributes her lean, athletic frame to “hopping around” between workouts in Los Angeles, including the Tracy Anderson Method, kickboxing, and more. “I get bored really easily, so I need to mix it up,” she explained. “In high school, I did everything: competitive martial arts, swim and dive, and competitive cheer and dance. Those are all tough sports! So from a young age, I was active.”

But that didn’t necessarily mean she was 10K-ready. “I’ve been working with a trainer, Jason Walsh. He’s very in tune with movement and making sure the body is moving correctly. I basically had to re-program my body so I was engaging the proper muscles,” she said. “I didn’t realize it before I started, but my quads were really tight! It was because I wasn’t really paying attention to my body. So we’ve reversed that, for sure.”

And true to her spirit, she’s not following the traditional route of running multiple miles. “I got myself in shape doing different things, but the great part is, no day is the same. One day will be strength training, the next I’ll be running on a 30% incline, but it’s always something new and exciting. It pushes me!” she said. “The most I’ve ever run in a day is probably three miles—doing the six or eight mile thing can take a serious toll on your body.”

Not to mention, as any exercise fanatic knows, it also does a number on your skin. “I sweat a lot,” she admitted. “But I wash my face morning and night and I always keep facial towelettes in my car so I can touch up during the day. Honestly, though, your body detoxes with sweat. So if you continue to eat not-so-great foods and drink sugary drinks, that will all come out when you exercise, but it might cause you to break out. I’ve had to adjust my diet to be as clean as possible with lots of fish, chicken, and vegetables.”

There is one thing sweat won’t get through, however. “I don’t wear makeup to the gym because I would just feel weird,” she said. “But I’m still a girl! So I wear L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara. I’ve been using it for years.”

And while we’re on the topic of girly things, she also packed two pairs of sneakers just in case. “I’m thinking the grey and yellow ones,” she said. It looks like they served her well! Check her out at the race below.

Ashley Greeneinterviews

Ashley heeft gisteren de Oakley New York Mini 10Km loop voltooid. Enkele foto’s hiervan staan in de galerij.

Galerij Links:
http//: 14 Juni: Oakley New York Mini 10K


Ashley was gisteren aanwezig bij een Meet & Greet met Fan ins de Oakley’s Fifth Ave Flagship Store in NYC.

Galerij Links:
http//: 13 Juni: Meet And Greet At Oakley’s Fifth Ave Flagship Store in NYC