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Ashley is een partnerschap aangegaan met de website Cameo. Op de website kan je tegen betaling een gepersonaliseerde video van Ashley krijgen, ze hoopt zo fans een blij dag te bezorgen in deze tijd van quarantine. In een video op de website legt ze verder uit waarom ze besloot om mee te doen.

Ashley GreeneNieuws

Ashley is afgelopen vrijdag 33 jaar geworden, dit vierde ze die dag door samen met vrienden naar de bowlingbaan te gaan. Eerder die week ging ze samen met vrienden een schilder-workshop.

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Ashley Greene

Looking ahead! Ashley Greene’s parenthood preparation is starting in the kitchen.

“We’re not having kids in the near-near future, but before we have children, I just want to kind of get certain things set and implement certain things into our lifestyle now,” the actress, 32, told Us Weekly exclusively of her and her husband Paul Khoury’s lifestyle changes earlier this month at Elite World Group’s e1972 NYFW Runway Show launching the size-less luxury brand with a special performance by Bebe Rexha.

Paul Khovry and Ashley Greene attend the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party on February 9, 2020. Annie Lesser/imageSPACE/Shutterstock
While the Twilight star has “stopped eating meat,” she isn’t going vegan. “I couldn’t do it,” the Florida native admitted to Us. “I love sushi far too much that I don’t think I could. I mostly do egg whites, but I don’t think I can cut [them] out of my diet completely.”

Greene explained these dieting choices to Us, saying, “I found that I have really high cholesterol. My doctor’s kind of baffled because she’s like ‘You’re lean, it doesn’t make sense,’ so I just started really looking at it and kind of playing with taking certain things out of my diet to see what shifts my cholesterol and levels in my body.”

The model and Khoury, 27, tied the knot in July 2018 in San Jose, California. Five months after their nuptials, Greene told Us exclusively that they wanted to have children “a little bit further down the road” so they could focus on themselves as a couple.

“I’m going to be a great mom,” she told Us in December 2018, noting that the Australian TV personality will be an incredible parent as well because “his mind and his soul are so beautiful.”

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model gushed about how “patient” Khoury is with her in December 2019. “I like structure and I like things really planned out,” she told Us at the time. “So, if anything isn’t kind of falling into, like, [place] it stresses me out a bit. He has to remind me that, like, it’s OK if things are messy, something things will fall into place.”

Greene went on to clarify, “But no, for the most part, I don’t think I’m that much of a nightmare. I also really need my matcha in the morning before I talk to anyone. So, he’s patient with that.”

Bron: Us MAgazine

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De recenste instagram foto’s van Ashley’s staan weer in de galerij. Eind vorig jaar liet ze weten een leuk project te hebben gedaan met Drew Scott en Linda Phan, bekend o.a. het TLC programma ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’. Hopelijk komt er binnenkort meer informatie over! Ashley is momenteel met enkele vrienden in Mammoth Lakes op skivakantie, hier vierde ze ook oud en nieuw.

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De recenste instagram foto’s van Ashley’s instagram staan weer in de galerij!

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Ashley GreeneSocial Media

Hierbij de ervaringen van Ashley en haar Meet & Greet met FanMio van afgelopen zaterdag!

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Ashley Greene

Ik heb de nieuwste instagramfoto’s van Ashley toegevoegd in de galerij, ook enkele foto’s die die door vriendinnen ect. zijn gepost.

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