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april 2, 2018   Reacties uitgeschakeld voor The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly’s Launch Celebration   Appereances, Ashley Greene, Nieuws

Ashley was vorige week aanwezig bij de The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly’s Launch Celebration dat ze samen met haar weddingplanner Mindy Weiss organiseerde. Klik op meer om een verslag te lezen over het event waarin ook Ashley zelf wat loslaat over haar aankomende trouwerij, zo laat ze weten niet persé in Amerika te gaan trouwen en alles samen met verloofd Paul te plannen. edit: enkele nieuwe foto’s toegevoegd!

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Mindy Weiss and Ashley Greene Share Wedding Planning Details
The planner and the actress hosted the launch party for The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly.

It’s hard to imagine a better host for The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly’s launch than wedding planner Mindy Weiss and bride-to-be Ashley Greene. Mindy, who is a member of our Editors Circle, has been partnered with The Wedding Shop since they were still known as Wedding Paper Divas. She and the star of the Twilight films are in the depths of planning the big day and sat down with us to discuss the process. Mindy describes Ashley as “the dream bride” due to the actress having a strong vision for the event. “She’s totally designed it,” the planner confirms. Yet Ashley considers Mindy a valuable asset. “She’s fantastic about keeping a bride calm,” the actress reveals. “I stress out about not knowing every detail. That’s why Paul balances me out.”

Paul Khoury, Ashley’s fiancé, won fans over when the adorable video of his proposal was posted to his beloved’s Instagram in late December 2016. On a hike to Bridal Veil Falls in New Zealand, he got on one knee and popped the question – literally jumping for joy when she said yes. The proposal spot may be indicative of the couple’s ceremony site. Though Ashley doesn’t say where the wedding will take place, she does note that it will be a destination wedding. That’s partly why she loves all the products available through The Wedding Shop. “The ability to really personalize the gift bags is big for me,” she says. “I really want them to be able to use things after the wedding and put stuff in there that they’ll actually be able to utilize.”

Knowing their nuptials are will be in a faraway land isn’t the only hint we got, however. “We love nature, we love an outdoor wedding,” the actress shares. Fans who have noted that Ashley’s red carpet style indicates a more polished look may be surprised, but the bride clarifies: “Not necessarily rustic nature. More of a kind of whimsical feel. I like how majestic trees and forests can be. I think it grounds you in a sense.” Other clues we got? Guests should expect plenty of lounge areas. “We’re going to have a lot of furniture,” says Mindy, citing how the pillows from The Wedding Shop are the perfect fit. “I was excited about those,” Ashley interjects.

Those who have been familiar with Shutterfly for years may find the idea that they have pillows unexpected, and they are not alone in this thought. “The plates I was extremely surprised about,” notes the actress. “I think, like a lot of people prior to this launch, look at Shutterfly as photos and paper. So to see that [The Wedding Shop by] Shutterfly has literally everything that you could ask for before, during, and after your wedding is huge. It takes a lot of pressure off.”

Ashley and Paul have been careful to keep that pressure from building. “He and I have taken the attitude that we need to enjoy the process,” she says. “I think so many people get stressed out planning their wedding, and when the day happens and it’s not perfect they have a breakdown. That is not what we want and it is not what this day is about.” Given their professions (Paul is a TV personality in his native Australia), planning can be tough. The actress makes sure that she and her fiancé sit down to go over things together as often as they can. “I don’t want to make a decision without him,” she affirms.

To keep stress levels down, the duo know they have to accept that there is a chance not everything will go perfectly. After all, an outdoor wedding can always be affected by the weather. Luckily, Ashley has a plan in place. “If it rains, you dance in it!”

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