Ashley is te zien in een nieuw reclamespot voor NexGen Fitness, samen met goede vriend Jarod Einsohn is ze bezig op een locatie van het bedrijf te openen in L.A.

I remember when I needed a partner for this venture, I needed someone strong. Someone that is a ball of light. Someone that loves working out(bc I never do 😂😂😂😂) and someone I trust. My first phone call was to Ashley Greene. I met Ashley when I was 21 and 16 years later we are now opening up businesses together. Thank you for saying yes Ash, and thank you to PK(ash’s husband), who happened to be my second call to own the business with me and instantly said yes as well! Dream team baby!!! We are under construction and NexGen Fitness will be opening in LA very soon. You get your own suite to work out in!!! No distractions. No lines. No noise. Just you and your trainer. You get to escape for an hour. You get to bleed blue. Let’s go!!!! We will be releasing commercials and announcements soon. For now, here is a little teaser! Thanks for all the love.

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