‘Urge’ staat in de Top Buzz Titles van het Berlijn Film Festival. Makers van de film zullen in Duitsland op zoek gaan naar distributeurs voor de film om deze te kunnen uitbrengen. Daarnaast is ook het plot van de film verschenen.

URGE (pictured at top)
Director: Aaron Kaufman
Producers: Skip Williamson, Mark Neveldine
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Ashley Greene
A group of friends on an island getaway experiment with a designer drug that makes them lose their ability to control their urges.
Sales: Fortitude Intl.

Plot: When a hedge fund tycoon treats his friends to a holiday on an island, he assures them the time of their lives. Just when they think the weekend couldn’t get any better, they are introduced to a drug called “Urge” that propels them into a state of unbridled euphoria. While Urge feels like the perfect drug, it comes with a catch: it can only be taken once. Once, and only once. Experimentation quickly becomes obsession. People throughout the island find themselves unable to resist using Urge, leading them to suffer the drug’s sole side effect: the complete inability to control their urges. The island quickly devolves into chaos as people succumb to their impulses. The rebellious one in the group is the only one unaffected by the drug and is left to assume the role of their savior. What he finds, however, is that Urge is much more than a drug and may be leading them to the end of civilization.

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