In het onderstaande interview met laat Ashley weten wat haar top 5 is van favorieten films of series!

“Wish I Was Here” star Ashley Greene’s career spans numerous TV shows and plenty of movies (including all five “Twilight” installments). Of course, being a professional actress doesn’t preclude her from being a fan, — so we wanted to know what TV shows and movies she’s a fan of, especially those you can sit back and watch in the comfort of your own home.

The gracious Greene sent along her current #5WorthWatching, along with a few words on why they’re worth checking out.

Be sure to check out her new movie, “Wish I Was Here,” which is in select theaters now and expands nationwide on Friday, July 25.

1. Orphan Black (TV Serie)
2. Masters of Sex (TV Serie)
3. Fruitvale Station (Film)
4. Forrest Gump (Film)
5. Garden State (Film)

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