Ik heb twee nieuwe foto’s toegevoegd van Ashley op de set van haar film ‘Burying The Ex’ uit 2015

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Ik heb vandaag de stijlguides van Ashley’s outfits in de film ‘Burying the Ex’ uit 2016 toegevoegd.

Ik heb enkele nieuwe foto’s gevonden van Ashley op de ‘Buring The Ex’ photocall en premiere tijdens het 71st Venice Film Festival in Venetië, Italië in 2014.

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Er zijn opnieuw nieuwe filmstills en een achter de schermen foto verschenen van Ashley’s film ‘Burying the Ex’, die afgelopen week in Amerika in de bioscopen en VOD te zien is.

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met over haar rol in “Burying the Ex”.

Ashley Greene is on NYC time during our phoner; she’s just in Canada shooting the TV series “Rogue,” on which she’s recently become a series regular. “She’s quite a character,” Greene tells us. “I feel like I always gravitate towards these crazy characters.” As it happens, she’s talking to us about “Burying the Dead,” where the crazy character is Evelyn, a 20-something accidentally killed then inexplicably revived as a zombie who plagues Max, her ex-boyfriend (Anton Yelchin). It’s the latest from Joe Dante, the horror-comedy god of “The Howling,” “Gremlins” and best of all “Gremlins 2: The New Batch,” and it’s also a showcase for the “Twilight” alum to go over the top — though not too over the top.

What draws you to crazy characters?
I don’t know. I think it’s opposites attract. I hope. It may be because it throws you into that realm of being able to lose yourself in a role and not really worry about coming off as crazy. Because it’s so far from who I am it just takes the pressure off. It’s almost like having a split personality.

You basically play a series of characters: Evelyn before the accident, then the various stages of decay as she gradually becomes a classic flesh-eater.
I had to make her as realistic as possible through her transition. I looked up bipolar disorder and issues surrounding that, because she has these severe mood swings. One minute she’s in la-la land and completely bubbly and happy; the next she’s enraged and can’t control her temper. I had to make her mood swings real to me.

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Ashley heeft een interview gehad met over beroemd zijn en haar nieuwe film ‘Burying The Ex’.

Ashley Greene finds the most surreal part of her celebrity is when fans literally pass out in front of her.

Ashley, who found worldwide fame with her role of vampire Alice Cullen in the ‘Twilight’ franchise, tells HuffPostUK of her her experience: “It’s pretty hard to wrap your head around the fact you have this much power through a project you were part of.

Ashley’s childhood did little to prepare her for this level of fame.

“I grey up on dirt roads, we were allowed only an hour of TV a day, so to see people that fanatic about something was just extraordinary to me. It’s a bit frightening, you worry about people and their health, whether they’re being stepped on. It’s all a bit concerning.”

Now Ashley and the others have put the enormous Twilight juggernaut to bed, she admits it can be difficult finding the right project to move on with.

“I don’t feel like I’m deliberately not being a vampire, but there’s something to be said about proving your versatility. It’s very easy for studio people to pigeonhole you without even trying, and I find independent film gives you more room to flex your acting muscles. And with indie films – you’re definitely doing it for the love, not the money. For me, the content is far more interesting than the size of the project.”

This week, however, finds Ashley hovering in the same field, playing a young woman, dumped by boyfriend Max, then traumatically killed, who returns as a zombie to torment her ex.

“I wasn’t looking to play a zombie,” she admits, “because I had been a vampire for so many years in my life. But this particularly appealed to me as quirky unique turn on classic zombie film. I laughed at the script, it affected me, once that happened, I decided to go for it.”

Ashley laughs when asked to defend her character, who was creating havoc for her weary boyfriend, even before she returns from the dead.

“Everything that happens is the result of her inability to face the issues between them,” she tries. “She is definitely extreme and controlling, Max is no angel either. “

‘Burying The Ex’ from director Joe Dante (‘Gremlins’, ‘Small Soldiers’, ‘Innerspace’) is available to download and view-on-demand in the UK and USA from 19 June 2015.

Er is een nieuwe clip verschenen van ‘Burying The Ex’, de film verschijn op 19 juni in Amerika.

Er zijn nieuwe foto’s van Ashley’s film ‘Burying the Ex’ verschenen, de film zal volgende maand o.a. ook uitkomen in Amerika en Duitsland.

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