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Ashley heeft een vragenuurtje gehad met fans op de Facebookpagina van Entertainment Weekly gisteren. Hieronder de transcripyt van alle vragen die gesteld zijn :) met dank aan Ashley Greene Central.

Wish I Was Here Hi! I’m “here” (get it?!) to answer your questions…let’s get started!

Peggy Simuyuni: How different is the feeling of working on an indie film as compared to a big budget movie for you?
Hi Peggy – working on WIWH is different than a studio film and most indies since it was funded by his fans (thank you guys!) on Kickstarter, which gave Zach full creative freedom. That really set the tone. Everyone was really excited about being there and making the best film possible for you guys. Apart from that, most indie films are just a lot more intimate feeling.

Malena Srur Ashley: would you like to make a period movie piece, old hollywood and stuff? Would you like to prove luck in tv again, like HBO?
I would LOVE to do a period piece! I think there is something very romantic about them. It’s also nice to be able to entertain as well as educate people about that moment in time. Having the opportunity to work on television, as well as film would be the dream. The face of television has really changed in such a positive way.

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Ik heb de galerij zojuist geupdate met enkele foto’s van Ashley’s films, social media en fotoshoots, bekijk alle foto’s in de galerij. Op den duur zullen alle foto’s weer in de galerij staan, maar dit kost tijd.

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