published on   juni 5, 2016  filed in Appereances / interviews 1 

Life’s a climb—and so is Ashley Greene’s favorite workout.

E! News joined the actress at Rise Nation—home to Hollywood’s go-to cardio-climbing classes—along with her trainer Jason Walsh.

Jason shared a few of the most effective moves from the 30-minute class (think: SoulCycle but with climber machines), which he assures us will burn calories fast, condition your body and really get your heart rate going. Not to mention, the group classes basically take place in a club—music radiates through the speakers and a cool ceiling lights up.

No wonder Hilary Duff, Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper are also fans of the fitness routine.

But don’t take our word for it—watch the clip below to learn more about the Twilight star’s arm-toning, cardio-intensive workout.

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